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Stand To A Journey to Manhood by Franklin Evans Book Review

By Michael Philliber After someone has endured the harshness and horrifying fear of combat, they’re left with memories. Some can only seem to deal with those memories through medications, others by suppressing them and being haunted by the ghosts in their dreams. E. Franklin Evans has confronted his memories head on by rehearsing many of […]

Tell Me More About the Great Alan Greenspan

By Lance Winslow Every Federal Reserve Chairman has his critics, even the famous Alan Greenspan. Perhaps, you are like me and like to follow business and economic issues in our great civilization. Right now, it would certainly make sense to pay attention, as we watch banks being taken over and many being merged in order […]

Rock Star Mommy By Judy Davids

By Carine Nadel “Rock Star Mommy (or My Life as a Rocker Mom” by Judy Davids is, quick simply a blast for anyone mom who has had a dream. I loved it. Davids tells the story of how she, after age 40, took her childhood dream of being Shirley Partridge and made it into a […]

Book Review Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership

By Daniel Murphy No President cut a broader swath through the federal government than Theodore Roosevelt. Having served in a number of public offices including governor of New York and under secretary of the Navy Roosevelt was experienced at public administration upon arriving at the White House in 1901 on the death of President McKinley. […]