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Payroll Checks Software and Check Printing Explained

By George Evergeht Payroll checks information and software processing systems can be found most economically online. Software can reduce the time to process these checks and prove to be more economical as well. As a small company, efficiency is a must and using payroll processing software to correctly calculate the payroll and keep tabs on […]

Benefits of Using a PEO For Payroll Administration

By Christopher Walton A PEO offers payroll administration services to businesses, among the other HR management services that together form a comprehensive package. Administering payroll requires commitment as it involves more than merely handing paychecks to employees on time. It deals with maintaining accurate records, paying payroll taxes, and includes other factors. Businesses need to […]

Human Resources Payroll Some Must Know Facts

By Abhishek Agarwal The Payroll of Human Resources is a very important responsibility of the department of human resources. Payroll duties are not just for the human resource, it is for the rest of the people who work for the company. Figuring in the amount of employees of the company will decide how much work […]

Can a Change Manager Be on the Payroll?

By Tim Thexton When major change is in the offing, the first step for many organisations is to appoint a permanent change manager or, alternatively, hire an external consultant. But there are many reasons why this might not be the best route to go – and is unlikely to deliver the best result. Consider first […]

Online Payroll Services and Other Efficient Ways to Run Your Business

By Andrew Stratton Running an effective and successful business can be a very challenging task. If you have those times when you feel overwhelmed or if your company has reached a plateau, maybe it’s time to start thinking about the details of the business. There are plenty of little and big ways to make your […]

An Easy Method to Reduce Check Fraud

By Meg Eynon There is an easy way to prevent fraud. One of the most common causes of fraud is called check washing. Did you know that a professional thief can remove ink from hand written checks in approximately three to five minutes? Most pens are made with dye ink. This ink can be effectively […]

A 4 step Guide To Calculate Payroll Taxes Correctly

By Abhishek Agarwal 1. Accuracy – saving you time and money If you are a business owner and employer, then you are most likely aware of the importance of the payment of your payroll taxes. However, there are many business owners who are not aware of how necessary it is to utilise the correct method […]

Nine Reasons Why Potential Clients Should Hire Your Bookkeeping Service

By Laurie O’Neil My least favorite thing is ‘selling’ my services to potential new clients. It makes me uncomfortable. Then a few years ago, Beth my business coach said, “Linda, why not describe the reasons why someone needs good bookkeeping? Talk about that during your initial meeting.” I was skeptical; I didn’t believe it would […]

Overtime Adds Up!

By Meg Eynon Over time I have heard many employers complain about the cost of overtime. They complain that they spend fifty percent more for labor after their employees reach a certain number of hours in a week. Many are convinced that their employees “milk” their time in order to get the time and a […]