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Small Business Bookkeeping Some Basics

By Gina Panzieri Bookkeeping: An essential for business success! It doesn’t sound very exciting to have to keep financial records when you need to focus on your product, does it? But it is critical. Let me share a few reasons why and suggest a few ways to begin. Have you priced your product right? It […]

Proper Business Practices Regarding Money

By Ryan Coisson In many enterprises bookkeeping is done by computer software that manages the incoming money while monitoring the outgoing expenses and the overhead that it takes to run a corporation. Each month or each quarter the profits and amount of taxes that have been collected through the sale of merchandise and fabricated goods […]

Learning More About Company Tax and Its Importance in Every Business Operation

By Jo Alelsto Company tax is also known as corporate tax and is generally imposed by the federal and by most state governments. This kind of tax is vital to the existence of any business and all business owners know better than dodging this one. Any company doing business is subject to taxation laws of […]

Pay Less For Temporary Accounting Support 7 Easy Steps

By Patrick Keenan As a provider of accounting and finance professionals for interim and project opportunities I have seen many companies get squeezed and overpay for services when it is just not necessary. The following process will help you the next time you need a cost effective resource. *#1. The next time you need to […]

Is Factoring For You?

By Dale Edwin Miller Factoring is a financial instrument has been around since ancient times, but is barely understood by today’s modern small business owners. Used correctly, it is a tool that can help small businesses survive and grow. First let’s understand what factoring is not. Factoring companies are not interested in collecting debts that […]

Record Keeping in Your Daycare Business

By John F Smith It is very important for a business owner to have comprehensive and accurate records. Aside from the fact that record keeping is a necessity for the Internal Revenue Service it is also a guide in order to lessen your taxes and save money. Always ask for a receipt for all the […]

Give Yourself a Raise

By Michael B Bowman Operating your own business is not as difficult as you may think. Everyone has a hobby or skill that I believe they can turn into income. What do you enjoy doing? What are you good at? Is it growing vegetables, fixing cars, baking, drawing? There are a lot more reasons to […]

QuickBooks The Answer to Life

By Monique Colver Intuit, the maker of QuickBooks, has done a fabulous job of marketing their product to the masses. Anyone who can turn on a computer is told that they too can become their own bookkeeper/accountant in no time at all. It’s as easy as installing the software, with no need for experience nor […]

Factoring The F is For Flexibility

By F. Rewey There are a lot of misconceptions about Factoring accounts receivable. The two biggest myths are It Costs Too Much and Lack of Flexibility. That may have been true in “the old days,” but nothing could be further from the truth today. It May Cost More NOT to Use Factoring Ask someone on […]

CPA Continuing Education Choosing a CPE Provider

By Zafer Ahmed As a CPA, continuing education is essential to your success. Some companies that you could work for might keep tabs on your training and certification and take care of the CPE courses that you need for you. However, other companies might not prove to be as willing to take care of this, […]