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Are Newsletters an Effective Marketing Tool?

By Shalonda Jones In a nutshell, yes. Newsletters are still an effective marketing tool. Newsletters serve many purposes when branding yourself and your business. Newsletters are ways of letting readers know who you are and what services and or products you offer. They help to showcase your credibility as an expert in your field of […]

Dont Forget Brand You

By Michelle Tree If every interaction that a potential customer has with your company or product creates a brand impression in their minds, as an Entrepreneur that also includes YOU. That’s right, you. Feeling suddenly a lot of pressure to lose weight and get a haircut? Well, maybe you should, but that depends on your […]

Logos Significance of Your Identity

By Lonard Math Corporate logos are instrumental in promoting the brand awareness of the organization in the marketplace. They convey the essence and value of the company among its potential customer as well as the public at large. A professional logo carries the brand image of the organization. It contributes in building the corporate image. […]

Logo Design Services Can Change Your Luck

By Roxen Robert We all know that first impressions are very important. Be it a person or simply a product it must appeal to the mass so that they try this for the first time. After that, if you product is good they will surely use your product again. In case of a business your […]

Protect Your Company Logo

By Roxen Robert When you want to start your own company you must take care of the marketing strategies well. The people must know the products and name of your company.There are plenty of companies already present in the market and you need to make your presence felt there. The big companies usually invest a […]

Considering a Free Company Name Generator? Ten Great Naming Techniques They Overlook

By Marcia Yudkin Type “business name generator” into a search engine and you’ll discover a number of online tools that purport to help you come up with a catchy new company name. Use these automated tools, though, and you’ll find yourself lulled into a very limited set of naming options. They’re excellent at combining two […]

Personal Branding Creating the Right Image

By Rob Purdie Currently the market is filled with a variety of brands. Even a natural thing like water is sold under a brand name. Branding helps companies create a niche for themselves in the market. A branded product always cost a little more. Branded products give recognition; the product reflects what you represent. But […]

Brand Vs Direct Response Marketing

By Brian C Cannone In business there are 2 main ways to market your business – you can choose either brand marketing or direct response marketing. And in the next few minutes I’m going to show you which one is probably better for your business, and why. But first let me explain the difference between […]

Promotional Products Carrying Your Brand Everywhere

By James Mathew Have you ever noticed someone walking down the street wearing or carrying something that made you want to stop and read what it said, or even go out and get one of your own? Well this same tactic can be used to promote your business and make people more aware of your […]

How Does Your Brand Grow?

By Mary Lee Gannon Success boils down to your ability to influence people to take action. Brand is how people see you – what you are known as in that process. You may have a brand or not. It may be a good brand or not. Either way, you do not determine your brand. The […]