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What Does a Certified Nurse Assistant Actually Do?

By Rowena Fernandez If you’re little confused about picking a path to venture into for tertiary education but just don’t know what to pick then maybe knowing what the jobs you’ll get later on is all about will help you. If being a certified nurse assistant is on your list, then this is for you. […]

Traveling Medical Jobs

By Brad J Jones Traveling medical job assignments are wonderful job options for those who love working in different locations. Well-paid traveling medical jobs are available in the field of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech language pathology. Licensed therapy professionals offer rehabilitative therapy services to assist patients who have a wide variety of physical […]

The Invisible Unemployed Who Have Been Ignored by Wall Street and Washington

By Paula Stoneand Ron Stone There are millions of people who are unemployed in this country who are invisible in the unemployment numbers the Fed reports. Many self-employed people connected to the real estate business were under siege before the actual real estate bubble burst. Many of them were formerly employed in manufacturing until most […]

The Ups and Downs of the Nursing Profession

By James A Jackson The nursing profession has its good and its bad side, its ups and its downs in much the same way that any profession does. This is a human services profession that is all about saving lives and keeping people as healthy as they can be. The Up Side Why would someone […]

Job Searching Today Five Suggestions

By Jerry Cantrell In some industries the unemployment rate is in the 20%. Overall we are still in and around 10%. What can we do to help in our job search? What services can we find, and what do we do to stay busy? I have coached many people, looking for a new job or […]

Job Online Searches 5 Tips For Staying Organized

By Aina Olusegun One reality you have to face when searching for a job online is the enormity of available information. You can become overwhelmed if you are not properly organized. Research has proven that staying organized is one of the greatest challenges to a successful online job search. It is so bad that some […]

Travel Healthcare Jobs in Physical Therapy

By Brad J Jones Travel healthcare jobs in physical therapy are ideal for professionals in this field who enjoy traveling and working in different locations. Besides job satisfaction, these healthcare travel jobs carry outstanding benefits and remarkable progress in career. Responsibilities of Physical Therapists Most therapy specialists have an array of tasks and responsibilities. Therapists […]

Separation Anxiety in the Corporate World

By Mika Liss Comings and goings are a normal part of every company. Both involve varying levels of trepidation, anxiety, excitement and, almost always, consulting with persons we trust before deciding. Even in today’s market, there are people who choose to leave their jobs for another. True story: Rebecca (not her real name) recently left […]

Layoffs Inflict Collateral Damage on Friends and Family

By Ramon Greenwood The news media rarely skip a day in reporting the grim economic news and calculating the number of jobs lost in the United States since the recession started in December, 2007. But those reports do not take into full account the collateral damage caused among family, friends and co-workers of those who […]

What it Takes to Be a Certified Clinical Data Manager

By Isabella Smith The flourishing industry of clinical data management has opened many great opportunities for would-be clinical data managers. There are strict policies and standards that govern this growing industry, so does the quest for the best clinical data managers. For a newbie in this industry, they should not only possess good analytical and […]