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Building Trust Amidst Organizational Change

By Ray Seghers In a previous article I asserted that one of the reasons that people resist organizational change is that employees don’t always trust management. So, how does management build trust? I am sure that there are already volumes that have been written on this topic, but it seems to come down to a […]

Royal Mail Modernised Or Traumatised?

By David Molden In 2001 the government installed a senior management team into the Royal Mail with a remit to modernise and repair the poor relations between management and unions. Instead of modernising they have succeeded in traumatising the entire organisation and creating a degree of alienation between managers and employees that we haven’t seen […]

Three Ways to Prevent a PMO Nightmare

By Temeko Richardson What happened to the days of experienced project managers that knew how to perform the tasks of those they managed? What happened to project managers that took the time to research and understand the deliverables? Did the certifications and letters associated to passing exams oversimplify the basics of good project management? How […]

William Bridges Lost in Transition

By Stephen Warrilow One of the main points that William Bridges makes in his book “The Way of Transition” is that transition is not the same as change. Change is what happens to you. Transition is what you experience. And transition involves loss and letting go – typically of old familiar routines and ways of […]

Turn Burnout Around Today!

By Peter Anthony Wynn • Take a deep breath, look around and connect to the things you can be grateful for. IF you own a business, have a career or job no matter how it is doing what you were given is an opportunity, one that was not presented to billions of people in the […]

Personal Balanced Scorecard As Roadmap For Employee Happiness and Engagement

By Dr. Hubert Rampersad Lack of engagement is endemic, and is causing large and small organizations all over the world to incur excess costs, under perform on critical tasks, and create widespread customer dissatisfaction. The annual financial loss in the US due to disengagement of managers and employees is about $300B US (Gallup Poll, 2005). […]

Factors That Drive Positive Impact and ROI For Executive Leadership Programs

By Damian D. Pitts While sitting at a local coffee shop enjoying the company of two business colleagues, a significant question was posed that caused time to stop for a brief moment: “Skipper, how does your organization measure leadership ROI in plain language for an executive to understand when considering hiring your team?” Wow I […]

Project Management Strategies Series Article 3 Managing Change

By Stephen Yuhas Change Management is not easy. It is a painful process that requires the Project Manager to be both a warrior and a diplomat. You will need an arsenal of quality tools, and well honed soft skills to make it through managing a change with little or no collateral damage. I am sure […]

Human Capital Loss is the Next Corporate Crisis

By Philip Casini Deep employee cut backs, and in particular who in as much as the actual number of employees laid-off, has left many organizations with skeleton staffs both in size and in know-how. While rehiring can take care of the numbers part, it is the loss of what those people knew who were let […]

How to Apply Prince2 Engaging Senior Management in Your Projects

By David Hinde The Project Board concept from Prince2 is an excellent way to get senior stakeholders involved in a timely manner. This article will firstly look at the theory and then look at how to put it into practice with some case study examples from Orgtopia. The Theory The Project Board is a small […]