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Online Business Solutions

By Irshad Ahmed Icreon The Internet is the current hotspot filled with unlimited information in reference different aspects of online business systems. Everyone right from entrepreneurs, investors and even retirees stay at home and get connected with the wings of internet to reap the benefits of online business systems. When you are sure of the […]

Who Can Use Staff Augmentation

By Cyril Britto Rajah Staff augmentation is the most recent practice in today’s business world and is most adopted in the informational technology sector. The reputation of this service has been increasing consistently and most of the companies are benefiting out of this service by recruiting employers. Read through to get a better understanding of […]

Research An Essential Requirement For Successful Tendering

By Dr Irfan Ahmad Organizing your research Research is an essential requirement for successful tendering. It is suggested that you should: Acquire a working knowledge of the government purchasing policies and procedures. Learn how the system works and use the knowledge to your advantage. Learn to use the internet effectively. Increasingly this will be where […]

Submitting Tender Documents on Time

By Dr Irfan Ahmad Dispatch the Tender Be careful to place your tender presentation in the package which does not denote your company. If you are using a mail-franking machine check that it does not contain the name of the company. If delivering by courier, ensure your courier does not affix a label to the […]

How to Win Tenders with the Right Pricing Strategy

By Dr Irfan Ahmad Obviously your pricing of a tender will be different to your normal pricing strategy. The first point to remember is that a scale made through the tendering process can have very good margins and that non related costs such as the advertising, marketing and allowance for bad debts should not be […]

How to Choose a Good Telecom Consulting Company?

By Marc Saulnier Every business maximizes its profits by minimizing its expenses and so cost-cutting is a hotly sought after concept in every business. Expenditures are analysed and ways and means of cutting costs are determined. The telecommunication services contribute immensely to cost-savings when a micro-analysis of cost incurred is done and effective corrective and […]

Is Recruitment Consultant Insurance Important For Consultants?

By Tushar Mangl Like any other business, it is vital for recruitment consultants to have their businesses covered with some kind of insurance. However, the insurance policies available for such business are definitely quite different from those available for various other businesses. But before we understand the nature of policies available for recruitment consultants, let […]

Professional Organizing Business

By Denise Coran Organize your information, space and time to boost productivity. Professional organizing is an important aspect at the workplace, which, when used efficiently, helps in giving a boost to the productivity. Simply imagine the amount of aggravation and the hours lost in terms of productive output. With professional organizing, you are sure to […]

Company Formation Services Are Easy to Find on the Web, Just Be Sure to Do Some Research Beforehand

By Maddison S Fletcher When it comes to starting a business, it’s stressful enough without having to worry about legal matters. If you’re stressed to the max but you really need to get your business set up then it’s worth considering a company formation service. This sort of thing will take some of the stress […]

Teach Online Classes 6 Tips For Teaching Powerful Online Classes

By Paul Godines Teaching online classes can be a tricky business, with the high speed of technology its tough to stay on the cutting edge. There are so many directions any instructor can take that its actually mind boggling when you think about it. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to […]