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2010 Considerations in Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategy

By Lance Winslow Every corporation has to worry about disruptions in their supply chain, union strikes, and massive swings in consumer buying behavior. Often, they can hedge their bets against such issues, and luckily, usually there is advanced warnings of problems that are on the horizon. Of course, some problems and challenges in our society […]

Disaster Recovery Services Ensure Patient Access to Physicians

By Kurt Duncan Almost anything can cause your medical office to close. Severe weather, hurricanes, natural disasters and other threats can close your doors at any time. This means that your patients have no means of speaking with you or your staff, as voicemails left on the office system cannot be checked until the office […]

Disaster Tolerance

By James P Hall Introduction Most ITIL managers tell us that their board / senior management probably expects IT services to be restored within 48 hours or so of a disaster, research indicates that it may actually take six months before all services are returned to normal. Research reveals that many organisations have evolved a […]

Why a Company Needs a Backup Plan

By Gino Hitshopi For all major companies and businesses out there with a very large number of clients on their books, disaster recovery procedures are at the top most important list of things to have. This may seem like an over the top procedure however there is nothing more important than keeping all of your […]

Uninterruptible Power Supply Electricity Generation and Distribution

By Robin Koffler To fully understand and appreciate the importance of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), it is crucial to first understand how electricity is generated and distributed in whatever country around the world you happen to be. In many Westernised societies it is tightly controlled, regulated and fairly reliable but in other areas it is […]

Job Opportunity at FEMA

By Adam Zierer Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) became part of US Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The mission is to reduce the loss of property and life and to protect the nation from all disasters, being an act of terrorism or a natural disaster.  When a disaster strikes, it can be in the form of […]

How to Survive As a Business During a Recession

By Craig A Roberts Many businesses are “cutting costs” in a time of recession and this is a major part of the problem, with most businesses cutting costs and buying less stock it’s making a big impact on both their and other businesses profits. A lot of companies are foolish in thinking that employees and […]

Reliable Data Protection For Business Continuity

By Cindy King As far back as we go in history, protecting data for business continuity has always been essential. From the days when the dead sea scrolls were imperfectly stored in pottery jars and wrapped in linen and left in a mountainside cave to the days when Gutenberg was developing his moving press. Lieutenant-Colonel […]

Saving Your Members From Disaster Is Your Association Promoting Business Continuity?

By Stephen Belshaw A member of your association gets a phone call from the police. Their premises have been vandalized. During the incident a wash basin was pulled away from the wall and the spraying water damaged computers, documents and stock. The stock damage, loss of information and temporarily losing access to their premises meant […]

Major Earthquake Just Leveled a City Near By, Your Water and Power Out Now What?

By Lance Winslow Do you have a business continuity plan? What on earth are you going to do in the event of a huge national disaster like a Tsunami, Hurricane, Earthquake, Flood or even a Volcano? And before you say it cannot happen, well you might wish to check the geological record and consider a […]