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The Customer is King

By Jonathan Wong It is increasingly evident that the low cost is being imposed in the coming years in Spain. Because of the “widespread impoverishment” and social change that will occur we will have many more customers in the bottom of the income pyramid and the top is going to be much less populated than […]

Customer Retention The Art of Keeping Good Customers

By Steven D Howard Many organizations place their highest emphasis on attracting and gaining new customers. While this is important, I feel it is more important to place a higher emphasis on retaining and keeping your current customers. This is particularly true in saturated markets and industries, where your customers have many, many alternatives available […]

The Importance of Customer Feedback

By Jon Ferraro You’ve probably noticed that more and more companies are interested in your opinions lately. What a concept! Have you noticed, for example, that a lot more store receipts and restaurant checks have customer feedback surveys? Ever wonder why? More importantly, have you ever taken one? These are extremely competitive times, which is […]

Why Good Customer Service is a Must Retail Customer Service Tip 17

By Bob Negen It happens all the time… a customer who comes in and makes a small first purchase, turns out to be one of your best clients. She buys from you over and over again PLUS recommends you to her friends, family, and colleagues. It is important to recognize how much potential business each […]

Contractors Win Customers For Life Three Effective Strategies

By Herb Reinhard One of the best ways that I know of to build a successful contracting business is to keep your customers coming back to you again and again. So many times we just try to get a job and don’t really concentrate on getting and keeping a customer. However, if we want to […]

Customer Service Are You Creating Customers Or Cuss tomers?

By Rick Weaver Have you ever heard of a cuss-tomer? A cuss-tomer is someone that cusses us out after they have either spent money with us or tried to spend money with us. They are the person to whom we have fallen short of meeting expectations. They are so mad at us they want to […]

How to Build Your Business and Increase Turnover

By Geoff Jones You have a business and want to grow it and increase turnover. How do you do it? Easy, get more customers, keep hold of those customers and try to sell them more of your goods and services. Without a strong base of loyal buyers your business will not really grow and may […]

Doing Customer Centric Business

By Raman Kuppuswamy Day in and day out, we hear businesses that proclaim from roof tops of their low and unbeatable rates, impeccable service, best possible quality, etc. But, do these advertisements end up in more sales? The answer is a big “MAY NOT”‘. Customers have become very smart. They want to know what they […]

What is Wrong With Todays Customer Service?

By Sabrina Brown Why is it that so many customer service representatives do not care about the needs of the customer? Why do we have to call them back several times until we finally get the right answer? Why do they keep us on hold for a ridiculous amount of time instead of letting you […]

Four Guidelines to Offering Improved Online Customer Service

By Ty P Customer retention and word-of-mouth advertisement is best attained though the customer service offered by a company. Poor online customer service will result in a loss of clients. Below are four guiding principles to improving online customer service. 1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) conveniently located on the website often offers immediate solutions to […]