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Give Me Your Life and Ill Give You a Tour

By Brian C Cannone Are you asking for too much just to give a simple tour of your health club? Listen, you don’t need to get the persons license, blood sample, urine sample, lock of hair and their fingerprints just to become part of your health club! This is a mistake I see way too […]

Business and Ethics

By Raman Kuppuswamy As an entrepreneur, sometimes, you may be forced adopt austerity measures for managing the finances of the company or there may be so many allurements that you may be tempted to make compromises on the quality of the products you manufacture or to terminate the services of some of the existing employees […]

Unmasking the Business Phantom Part 1 Playing Business Without Rehearsal

By Bernard Borgonos We think in generalities but we live in details, I wonder how that phrase of word applied. It has been a long time I been seeing myself as an observers in most of the things that interest me, no doubt and with no exemption the business it self. And to put bias […]

Business, Hand in hand With Politics

By Neoko Cortwell The business community is one of the most influential and powerful sectors right next to the government of any nation. The business community has the capacity to manipulate the economy of a nation. They have the capacity to control and dictate the prices despite what the government and its laws set. This […]

So Who Do You Believe? Pharmaceutical Ethics

By German Roig There are various reasons why many people are skeptical about taking prescribed medications. Some believe that there are just too many chemicals in them and would prefer a more natural approach. Others feel that prescribed drugs are being used too freely. What many people have not considered though is the fact that […]

Understanding the Green Supply Chain Message

By Michael Richmond In case you haven’t caught up to the latest of the environmental catch-phrases, “Green Supply Chain” is a relatively important concept that everyone will eventually discover. We live in the early side of the environmental project, and it is common to find businesses ramping up to offer “Green Products” and “Green Services.” […]

Why Do People Plead Guilty to Crimes They Did Not Commit?

By Geoff Mousseau Recently a curious phenomenon has risen to the attention of the American public. Why do people plead guilty to crimes then profess their innocence? Or, to put it another way, why would someone plead guilty to a crime they did not commit? Several bankers from England recently plead guilty to a Federal […]

Sexual Harassment Class Training Who Needs It?

By Ari Novick, Ph.D. One of the more misunderstood aspects of California’s Sexual Harassment Training Law (AB-1825) is who exactly it applies to when a company has operations outside of California. For a company whose business is entirely California-based, the law is pretty clear. If it has 50 or more employees (or subcontractors), then it […]

How the Global Marketplace is Attempting to Resolve This Ethical Dilemma

By Kevin McNabb If you look at what’s happening in the marketplace, you’ll see that even though we desire honesty and plain dealing, we’re still not winning the battle of ethics.  Take a look at how people in our culture are currently trying to address the problem.  They are: Asking Others to take on the […]

Leading to the End of Symbolic Gestures and Taking Action to End Child Labor

By Alexander Glaser According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), there is around 158 million children worldwide, aged between five and fourteen who are engaged in some form of labor activities.  While article 32 of the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child states that “the right of the child [is] to […]