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Flip Flop Franchise Leading World Wide Movement to Free Your Toes!

By Suzanne Musial It’s a fact that most franchisors are passionate about the products or services they offer, but to say that the founders of Flip Flop Shops® have a passion for their business may be a huge understatement. With more than 50 years of combined franchise experience in building and growing some of the […]

Steps to Selecting a Low Cost Franchise

By Jerry Cantrell If you are tired of the lack of appreciation from your boss and have the burning desire to own your own business, you may have considered a low cost franchise. In the following article you will find simple steps to selecting a low cost franchise, and sorting through the hundreds of choices. […]

7 Top Benefits of a Direct Marketing Franchise

By Cory Barber Looking for a business to business franchise opportunity that provides multiple revenue streams and monthly repeat business potential? A direct marketing franchise, combined with your previous sales and general business experience and your passion for building business relationships within your local community, puts you at the helm of your own marketing consulting empire. […]

5 Reasons Why Using a Franchise Consultant is a Must

By Cory Barber If you’re seriously considering franchising, perhaps you have a plan of surfing the net or reading some popular franchise magazines in order to find the one best suited for you. Or maybe you try to make this analogy: “I buy everything else on the internet these days, so I’m sure I can locate the […]

Coastal Vacation The Coastal Vacation Review

By Kendra Johnson Coastal Vacations has been successfully marketing whole sale Travel packages for over 15 years. The travel packages include several vacation destinations within North America, and around the world. In this Internet marketing business opportunity it will be the directors (members) job to market these exquisite vacation packages. This review will be offering […]

Franchise Legal Work and Requirements

By Christopher Conner What is required for a company to become a franchise system? Legally the Federal Trade Commission is the federal organization that oversees franchise sales and growth. The industry has grown a great deal over the past fifty years, along with growth and popularity come regulations and rules for doing business in the […]

Your Number 1 Priority Now Should Be Customer Retention But Can You Even Name Your Top Customers?

By John P. Hayes, Ph.D. Who’s going out of their way to keep you as a customer these days? … Can’t think of anyone? You’re probably right. And isn’t that just wrong? Especially now. This is a common business error Business owners — including franchisors and (especially) franchisees — make this same mistake repeatedly. They […]

Opening a Franchise Getting Into the Infamous Food Business

By Lucas Collingsworth When opening a franchise, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made. First, you have to decide which franchise you’re going to get involved in. If you decide that the food industry is the one to get involved in, then you have to decide which one. So how do […]

How to Increase Turnover Ten Fold in a Recession

By Steve Bianchini The economic downturn has meant more people everyday are looking to secure their own future with a new franchise. Co-incidentally, more independent companies each day are looking to grow their business by leveraging on the aspirations and motivations of these new prospective franchisees. So how can you increase your turnover ten-fold? Let’s […]

Improving Your Franchise Outlet Sales During Turbulent Economic Times

By Lance Winslow Just because everyone else is complaining about the economic conditions in the market place does not mean you should too. Realistically, it makes sense to refuse to participate in a recession and if you agree please continue to read. You see, it is my contention that a small business must succeed, especially […]