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Bulk Trucking in Bahrain

By Sigrid Salucop Bulk trucking is very much in demand in Bahrain as the country has been experiencing the fastest growing economy in the entire Arab world. With a booming oil industry, Bahrain has established multinational oil firms and transportation services are often required to receive and distribute various types of oil and natural gases, […]

Online Business Meetings Using Technology to Cut Business Travel Costs

By Belsheba Nyabwa If you have a small business, you obviously envision it becoming a big and well established enterprise. As the business grows beyond city, country and continental borders, communication modes need to be upgraded. This is why as you nurture your business you have to think of the best way to cut traveling […]

Nation of Knock Offs Growing Up Future of Intellectual Property in China Challenged

By Lance Winslow It seems just about anything an innovator or entrepreneur produces in the United States, someone in China will copy it, make 1 million copies, put them into a cargo containers and ship them all over the world to sell at a lower price. This drives people nuts, and it also causes a […]

Technical Translation a Matter of Safety

By Benjamin Wolf When a company plans to expand to a foreign market, there are several things to think about – distribution, pricing in the foreign currency and localization of the products, just to name a few. Localization includes not only adaption of the product to the foreign culture, but also translation of all user […]

The Importance of Export Documents in Trade

By Wade Henderson Trade overseas needs the support of export documents. Operations with foreign countries are made very complex, the sellers must explain what they are selling and the buyers must know what they are buying. For that reason, we use the following export documents: Some of export documents are used for commercial purposes like […]

Air Freight Carriers What Do They Do?

By Allen Anderson Air freight carriers are companies or airlines which are used to ship goods over long distances in a short amount of time. Freight carriers may be part of a passenger airline or dedicated a dedicated cargo airline. Such Freight carriers may also be dedicated transportation logistics companies like Fed-Ex who have a […]

East African Fiber Optic Cable The Opportunities

By Vincent Matinde As the excitement grows on the prospects that the fiber optic cable offers in East Africa, many people are asking how they can use this new tool to spur business growth in the region. The laying of the fiber optic by companies such asSeacom and the government owned TEAMS has offered a […]

Import From China Bicycles

By Keith E Blakesley Despite various bicycle shops proclaiming one bicycle brand over another, it appears that not one of the brands of bikes mentioned is made in Britain.┬áThis surprised me when I went looking for a new bicycle.┬áSince I ride a great deal and having done so for over twenty-five years, I am fed […]

How to Start Up Logistics For Off Shore Sourcing

By Ray McGuire Is this your first attempt at importing from China, other Far East countries, Eastern Europe, or other “low-cost” country? First, let me wish you great success! But as you probably know by now, great success is usually a result of good planning. I have received a number of inquiries from companies regarding […]

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities Part Three

By Lars Stork Government’s responsibility Local African governments certainly also must review and transform their regulatory framework and work in closer partnership with the industry for affordability, and low cost solutions to network extension, in particular into remote areas; both are needed to ensure the poor can access mobile phones and benefit from services; The […]