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Direct Mail Vs Internet Marketing Part 1 Defining Direct Mail

By Rama Beerfas There are many marketers out there who believe that direct mail is not the effective form of advertising that it once was; at least in comparison to the less expensive outlets available through the internet. The truth is that different advertising media can all be made effective if the message, positioning and […]

Hold a Green Event and Save Money

By Kavita Melwani The first thing that often comes to peoples’ minds when they think of going green is that it’s going to be expensive. Of course there is some truth to that perception but there are ways to hold a green event and, also save money. Go Local One of the highlights of any […]

A Good Business Card Carries the Brand of Your Company

By Rafi Michael A business card is the reflection of any company or individual and reflects what the company or the individual signify and aspire to achieve. And in a city as business diversified as Toronto, there is top class card industry. There are many techniques used for business card printing. It may look to […]

Using Gift Flash Drives to Promote Your Business

By Todd Vanguard Let’s face it. The business world of today is much different than it was twenty years ago or even ten. Advanced technology has created more opportunities for both the consumer and the business owner. The effect is that customers expect the best and will not settle for less. This is one of […]

Tips For Saving Money on Online Postcard Printing Costs

By Gina Nuqui Many small business owners have found convenience in printing postcards online. Online printing is considered the best choice, because of its being practical and affordable. But did you know that you can save more money from online postcard printing? Read on to learn how. • Proof, Proof, Proof. Make sure that you’ve […]

Exhibit Shipping Can Make Or Break a Trade Show

By Emily Marsh Trade shows can be a very important part of your business, and the profits that result can easily outweigh any costs, but only if the exhibit shipping company is capable of moving your displays without incident. Shipping insurance will only cover the cost of the items, not the money lost by not […]

What Do Free Business Sales Leads Have to Do With Anything?

By Kirsten Plotkin Looking for an internet business is a lot like driving down the only road in town, to find nothing but billboards. You quickly get caught up in programs and systems like MLM’s, affiliate marketing, blogging and a dozen other temptations. All of them promise to make you rich. All you have to […]

Instant Postcard Wealth Home Business 3 Ways to Promote Your Business Successfully

By Jennifer Wood Have you been searching for a way to promote your business successfully? It seems as if more people are becoming more interested in getting started with the offline and or online business industry today, but they have no idea how they are going to bring high quality targeted traffic to their website […]

The Most Successful Sales Letter in the World Only Sold Paper and Ink

By Joshua Black This article is about using the power of direct marketing to sell information products. In a world where everyone wants to have everything right now, and where keeping an inventory can kill a business, information products are the answer. Read on to find out more. The late, great copywriter/direct mail entrepreneur Gary […]

Make Your Brochures More Responsive Minus the Higher Costs

By Charen Smith Having marketing collaterals such as your brochure printing without having to spend so much of your budget is a blessing indeed during these trying times. So if you want to maximize your custom brochures minus the expensive costs, here are some helpful suggestions for you: Be brief. This means making your content […]