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Marketing With Custom Printed Tape

By Ivan Print If you are looking for a way to further your business then custom printed tape can do it for you on many levels. Everyone is trying to find an edge now a day, and this may be just what your business needs. Whatever you need in your printed tape you will be […]

Proven Promotional Mix For Dance Marketing

By Jacob Richard As with all other businesses, the frontiers of dance marketing have become globally competitive. Existing customers need to be retained, while keeping the doors open for new customers. A proven strategy used by leading dance studios is to focus on a marketing mix that incorporates a high-up email-marketing solution. Here is a […]

Promotional Tax Disc Holders Great Products For Brand Marketing

By Danny Morison Promotional tax disc holders are one of the best gift items to be distributed among potential and existing customers for maintaining their interest in the brand. Such products catch the fancy of customers easily. They offer ample branding area where you can imprint the name, logo, message, slogan or contact details of […]

Promote Your Business With Promotional Tax Disc Holders

By Danny Morison Decision over a promotional item needs a lot of care and thoughtfulness as it is something which will represent your company and advertise it. There are many types of promotional products and every company wants the best product to disburse as their promotional items, which can reach the masses easily. Magnetic tax […]

Three Reasons to Gift Golf Umbrellas to Important Business Associates

By Dondu Linkan Majority of the people who play golf are entrepreneurs and professionals. Hence, when you are planning to distribute promotional products to your important business associates, promotional golf items make for an ideal choice. Of all the golf items, umbrellas are the most popular gifts to give to the people you are looking […]

Marketing Through Public Speaking

By Jacqui Carrel Why Should You Speak in Public? Well, there are several things you can do to improve your positioning. You can: Write a book or have one written for you Take on public speaking engagements or organise your own Make the news (for the right reasons) Target only high-profile, high-paying clients Associate with […]

Sales Letter Samples A Way to Write Effective Sales Letters

By Lorraine Lee Sales letter is often regarded as an introductory letter comprising of just one or two pages that is sent to the customer or the potential client by the owner of the business. These letters can serve a wide range of purposes just like keeping people updated and informed about the sales and […]

Why the World Still Needs Designers

By Rod Roberts 25 years ago, the emergence of the personal computer changed the way we worked. All of a sudden, anyone with a desktop computer could not only write letters and crunch numbers, but they were able to produce newsletters, brochures, fliers and more. This empowered the vice president of sales, the secretary, the […]

How to Make Use of Custom USB Drives in Your Business

By Jonathan V Moore Due to the ways in which information technology has evolved over the past decade, it is fair to say that almost everyone around the globe is connected in some way whether they are the owner of their own personal computer-or at the very least are aware of computers. As these advances […]

Lessons Learned From My Medical Business Mistakes Part 1 of 3

By Curtis Graham The full story behind this doctor’s practice downfall isn’t unique, nothing to excite the non-fiction writers unless it can be defined as a model of what not to do in medical office management. Having absolutely no background knowledge, college courses, or medical school training about business management, office management, or marketing at […]