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Real World Sales Negotiations Clear Channel Takes it to the Brink

By Dr. Jim Anderson It’s all too easy to get caught up in the theory of negotiating and sometimes we forget to take the time to look around us and see other deals that are being made – and learn from them. If we needed a recent deal to teach us a lesson, the $20 […]

If Having to Negotiate Makes You Tense, Consider These Negotiating Tips

By Charles H. Newman This article is the first of nine that describe the lessons I’ve learned at the negotiating table. Some of the lessons resulted from successes and others are based on mistakes that I’ve made. In each case, however, there was a “lesson learned” that I want to share so that you can […]

Winning Sales Negotiations The Pizza Secret

By Dr. Jim Anderson Recently I was talking with some friends of mine who are planning on using the current depressed real estate market to “trade up” and get a bigger / better house. They were lamenting the fact that this process was going to require them to negotiate with the sellers . They had […]

Negotiating Technology Contracts in Health Care

By Sandra P. Greenblatt, JD Technology spending for hardware, software and consulting services accounts for a significant portion of most health care providers budgets today, especially since the Obama Stimulus Plan and HITECH Act are incentivizing providers to implement electronic health records. In a perfect world, technology works perfectly, improves efficiency and the quality of […]

NLP Sales Negotiation Techniques That Work on the Customers Internal Map of Reality

By Stephen Craine Sales negotiations work in two ways. In the external real world, and in the customer’s internal world where they make pictures, listen to self talk, and create feelings and emotions. Most sales people know how to negotiate in the real world, but how many can use powerful NLP sales negotiation techniques to […]

Negotiation The One Bite At The Apple Threat

By Dr. Gary S. Goodman The Dodgers and agent Scott Boras seem to be at an impasse. They are negotiating Manny Ramirez’ 2009 major league baseball contract. The team has offered a two-year deal, while Manny’s agent asserts it will take four or more to tango. Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti is trying to avoid […]

Cant Get That? Then Get This! How to Get Something of Value in a Negotiation With Your Boss

By Liz Tahir It is time for your company review, and you are focusing on one thing: an increase in salary. Not only that, but you have determined how much of an increase you should get. But you soon learn it is not happening as you thought. Do you just leave the meeting, feeling disappointed? […]