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Smart Networking For Moms

By Alice V. Osborn It’s a scary world out there if you’re a mom considering going back to the work force after you’ve been a stay-at-home mom for a while. It’s probably scarier after you’ve given birth to your first child since your identity has changed: you’re a mom now and that’s what some people […]

Top 5 Tips to Follow Up Effectively With Your Network Consistently

By Biba Pedron One of the biggest mistakes people are making is that they are spending lot of time going to networking events. It’s not the going to events that is the problem; it’s about collecting business cards, getting information, speaking with the right people and then not following up. You’ve got the information, but […]

The Hunters Folly

By Jon Stow As I have mentioned before I am a serial breakfast networker (no, not a cereal breakfast networker). I do go to networking events at other times of the day of course, but the really regular stuff is in the morning. It is important that it is regular and that I see my […]

Create a Meet and Greet Mindset For Networking Success

By Lauren Darr To be successful at networking, you need to ensure you’re in the right mindset first. There are a few simple steps that you can follow when attending events to harvest the rewards of networking. An Attitude of Giving You must have an attitude of giving first. If you approach potential contacts at […]

Be a Networking Pro With These Seven Strategies

By Debbie Lynn Butler Be prepared. Take plenty of business cards and go with goals you set for each event. At a mixer, for example, be sure to talk to ten new guests. At a business lunch, provide appropriate and helpful information to four people. At a trade show, find twenty-five qualified prospects, add two […]

Bright Ideas About Networking

By Jenny Lynn It’s taken me many years to be comfortable with the concept of ‘networking’. For many of those that are old hands at it you’re probably wondering how I survived without it but cast your mind back to those first few tentative years networking and remember your own learning curve. And what I […]

Business Networking To Dress Or Not to Dress (That is the Question)

By Steve Blumenfeld People form an opinion of you within the first 7 seconds of laying eyes on you. Notice I did not say meeting you. Once that opinion is made by someone, the rest of the time is spent by that person trying to find evidence to support that opinion. Terrific news, right? On […]

Business Lunch Etiquette How to Ace a Business Lunch

By Sue Clement “Let’s do lunch.”  How often have you heard that phrase.  And how often have you wondered if you are actually “doing lunch” correctly.  Here are seven tips for acing that business lunch. 1.  Lunch is for connecting It’s not about business, certainly not directly, so leave your samples and folders behind (unless […]

5 Simple Steps to the Top of Your Compensation Plan

By Yvonne Chihak OK…So you’re tired, frustrated and almost ready to give up on your dreams? Well, don’t. Instead, take a deep breath, relax. You’ve found what you’ve been looking for. You want to get to the top of your company’s compensation plan? Here are 5 simple steps that will get you there. Step 1. […]

Pull, Dont Push 5 Better Ways to Build Your Network

By Amy Franko “Networking” is one of those words that gets overused, and for many creates a lot of anxiety. We envision schmoozing at an event, or feeling the pressure to constantly be on the social media circuit. We sometimes feel as though the goal of networking is to “push” what we have to offer. […]