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Non Profit Book Sale Dynamics Discussed

By Lance Winslow Most libraries and a good many nonprofit groups decide to hold book sales. Sometimes groups form around the library called; “the friends of the Library of…” and they host these books sales. The money is then used for library events, upgrades, and to buying new books. If you consider the incredibly tough […]

Board Relations Avoid These Mistakes For Better Board and Staff Relationships

By Jane Ford It doesn’t matter whether your nonprofit has a staff of five and a budget of $200,000 or is a multi-million dollar organization with a staff of 100 – the relationship between the Board and the Executive Director is key to ongoing success. In my three decades of working with small to mid-sized […]

Institutions Whats the Worst That Could Happen?

By Jon DiPietro There are many interesting discussions happening right now concerning the International Society of Automation (ISA) and its current travails with regard to its membership, publications, and exposition. For those not familiar with the situation, this volunteer organization has been around for over sixty years and has come upon tough financial times, not […]

Secrets of the Most Powerful Word in Nonprofit Fundraising

By Gail Hamilton Are you raising money for you kid’s school trip?  Are you heavily involved in sustaining your local animal shelter?  Do you run a large nonprofit organization devoted to finding a cure for cancer, saving endangered sea turtles or fighting climate change.  No matter how small or how large your fundraising endeavor, you’re […]

Non Profit Donation Request Letter Sample

By Tom M Kelly Asking for donations is in fact a troublesome process, but sometimes, you may need to do so for your non-profit organization. Sending donation request letters to the known persons, friends, colleagues and local business people is the economical way to get donations for your organization. A well-written letter is highly beneficial […]

Philippines and Gawad Kalinga How They Started and Where Are They Now

By Joel Owens This Philippine non profit organization was conceived on the year 1995, the day after Christmas. It is the baby of Couples for Christ, a Christian community. The CFC held a youth camp at a shady area of Caloocan city on that day. It was then that the first ANCOP foundation was created […]

Market Your Nonprofits Anniversary to Improve ROI

By Gary Kullberg Opportunities in a Challenging Environment The economy, unemployment and overall consumer and corporate confidence have clearly been damaging to the nonprofit industry. A new study by Giving USA Foundation shows that charitable giving fell last year by the largest percentage in five decades. While individuals and institutions gave nearly $308 billion in […]

How to Start a Non Profit Organization Reaching Your Constituents

By Eric Powers How to reach your intended constituents with your non profit’s services is no mere afterthought for a non profit founder. These are some marketing methods to plan for and to describe in the marketing section of your non profit business plan.   Partner Organizations   Businesses, the government, or related non profits […]

5 Tips For Writing an Effective Nonprofit Press Release

By Sandy Rees One of the most effective ways to get the word out about your nonprofit organization is to get media coverage. Television, radio, and newspapers typically have a powerful reach into the community. But how is it that some nonprofits seem to effortlessly get publicity while others don’t? The secret is to make […]

Charity Walks 7 Easy Ways to Thank Your Volunteers

By Roger Carr Successful charity walks depend on the unselfish contributions of many volunteers. That should be enough of a reason for a nonprofit organization to identify as many ways as possible to thank their volunteers. Expressing appreciation to volunteers does not have to be difficult. There are many easy ways you can show your […]