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Theres No Fuss With an Online Parcel Delivery Service

By Carlos Sintan But what about sending a parcel to Moldova? What about organising for a consignment to arrive in five days in Burkina Faso? Could you do it? Would you know where to start? There are so many more things that need to be considered before sending a parcel to a foreign country. You […]

Is That Virtual Assistant Or Vital Assistant?

By Crystal Burkholder YES! A Virtual Assistant is vital to the success of many businesses. What is a Virtual Assistant? A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-trained entrepreneur and an independent contractor – a talented professional with strong administrative and organizational skills who partners with other business owners and individuals to provide a myriad of […]

7 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Transcription Services

By Linda J Turner With the economic slowdown and some business struggling to stay afloat, the most obvious reason should be to outsource some services. Outsourcing your transcription services is the answer for many businesses, it does not have to be done in other countries as some may think. There are many outsourcing opportunities available […]

How You Can Save Time and Money With a Single Decision to Outsource

By Susan Baroncini-Moe I get a lot of questions about outsourcing — when is it useful, how does it really save you money, when you’re actually spending money, and why is it one of the best business strategies you’ve ever learned? Today I’m going to answer these questions and a few more, so you can […]

To Outsource Or Not?

By Novem Harder In the business society today the term “Outsourcing,” is rapidly emerging and making its way to a new trend in business processing. Commonly, outsourcing is getting a third – party company or individual to do a certain task. Usually the third-party is a Consultant, Contractor or even a freelancer. The best example […]

How to Use a Virtual Assistant to Put Your Online Wealth Generation on Steroids

By Karen Sielski If you are not currently using an internet virtual assistant in your online wealth generation business, you are probably limiting your income or working too many hours, or both! A very wise mentor told me one of the distinguishing characters of highly successful people is the speed of implementation. How quickly are […]

BPO and Call Center Outsourcing Countries

By Joel Owens The new age has given rise to new industries such as Business Process Outsourcing and specifically call center outsourcing. The technological age has brought us so far into the future that distance is no longer such a big problem for conducting business successfully. Information technology has evolved to a degree that long […]

Offshore Outsourcing and Customer Satisfaction

By Mel Turao Experts from the University of Richmond and University of Michigan studied the effects of offshore outsourcing on customer satisfaction from 1998-2006. Prof Jonathan Whitaker, M. S. Krishnan, and Claes Fornell used the American customer satisfaction index in interpreting the results. The study involved in-house and offshore customer service. Customer satisfaction declines markedly […]

A New Breed of Outsourcing Companies

By Daven Michaels Remember when outsourcing was a dirty word? It still may be that way for a lot of business people, but this economic situation is dictating that we view our business decisions and future outlook with a new frame of mind. Is going out of business from too high a labor cost and […]

Why You Should Hire Janitorial Services For You Office

By John F Smith The appearance of your office space has been one of the most important things that you should take note of. You may think that just by fixing things and making it look tidy, you can get away with it. This should not be the case. A clean office provides a comfortable […]