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Go For Cheap Business Cards Not Free

By Zachary Weill So you’ve started your own home-based business. Now you want the people to know. You plan on invading the social media – of course, this is very important as you are going to find useful the connections that you will be able to make by creating a strong Internet presence. Indeed, what […]

Write a Bodacious Bio and Make Your Media Relations Come Alive

By Lauren Darr All professionals will need a bio at some point in their career. Make sure it’s a good one that gives your experience and achievements the attention and pizazz they deserve. Here are some things that you should include in a comprehensive bio, whether it’s a short or long bio. Keep in mind […]

Medical Public Relations How to Generate Publicity For Doctors

By Angela Kambarian Without a doubt, publicity has emerged as a more powerful alternative to advertising. Evidence suggests that an increasing number of physicians turn away from advertising and embrace publicity as a more cost-effective marketing tool. In an effort to set themselves apart from the competition, some business-savvy medical practitioners strive to generate meaningful […]

Learning All About Public Relations

By Ben Pate The world of business is a complex one at best. There are many things that owners need to look at doing to make sure that the business runs in a successful manner. Public relations are a very important part of this for many businesses. Learning about what this involves is a very […]

How to Create PR That Grabs Media Attention

By Carol Dunitz Ph.D. There is nothing magical about Public Relations. It just seems that way. Once you know a few tricks of the trade, you, too, will be able to attract the spotlight. Create News. Journalists cannot possibly collect all the news they need to fill the space they have. They depend on PR […]

Im Getting Publicity, What Should I Wear?

By Letitia Wright This article is for people who know they have an interview coming up. The article is explains what to when and when to wear it so that you create the best interview possible. Every interview is about the audience and that is who you have to dress for. From time to time […]

Effective Press Release Submission Facts to Know

By Guna Seelan Why do you need to submit PR? If your company has launched a new product, how do you inform your customers? The best way is to do it through press release. You have signed a nice deal with one of the reputable clients or you have hired an established marketing executive for […]

The Media Mantra Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

By Anthony Mora Because our company is known to the media as a resource, we continually receive calls from print and electronic media looking for story ideas. These calls usually come when the media is on a deadline and need something – now! In those situations, the appropriate client has to be ready to move […]

Press Release Marketing Uncover 6 Priceless Ways to Make Money With Press Release Marketing

By Sean R Mize There are many different things that you can do to make your business known. One of those things you can do is to regularly write press releases. This is a great way to market your business. There are several keys that you can learn about writing these releases or having somebody […]

How to Use a Press Release to Get 20 New Clients in a Month!

By Mike Dowdy Right now the media is a blaze with stories on personal finance. The today show now has a special segment hosted by Jean Chatzky just to satisfy the public’s hunger for information on personal finance. Jean Chatzky is not only educating the viewers of the Today show she is promoting her business […]