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Make a No Bullet PowerPoint Presentation For Your Sales Product

By Jaden J Jones If you want to be associated with being boring then by all means go ahead and use bulleted points for you PowerPoint presentation. This is because when the speaker uses bulleted points in their speech the audience will tend to focus on the presentation slides rather than the speaker, another reason […]

The Basic Theory Behind Lean Product Development

By David Hennessey The principles of lean product development originated in the Japanese manufacturing industry and are best exemplified by system in use at Toyota, which has come to be known as the leader of lean practices. There are five main steps in the process of lean implementation: 1. Determine the value. This is basically […]

Ways to Reduce Your Poster Printing Costs

By Sharon Rodrick The Problem of All Businesses: All companies that use poster printing services usually print posters for years and, even despite using comparably cheap services, they spend lots of money. In this reference, we will try to define several ways of saving on your poster printing costs. Consider printing at home. This is […]

Business Presentations Cant Entice Them to Attend? Catch Them With a Cleverly Crafted Hook

By Stuart P Corrigan You can’t assume that in a business presentation, your slides, data and analysis will be sufficient to capture the attention of your audience. And even if you start strong, have some killer stories and a great call to action it’s no good if the people you’re trying to reach are not […]

How to Sell From the Platform Without Selling From the Platform

By Aileen Bennett As a speaker you are there to give a presentation, not a sales pitch. Nothing will turn your audience off faster than realizing they are just being sold to. And once they stop listening, it doesn’t really matter what you are saying! Having said that we all sometimes need to promote a […]

Entertainment Factor in Training

By Rick Weaver Have you ever been to a training class, seminar presentation, or workshop and left so hard your jaws hurt? Some enjoy being entertained while trained yet others feel humor is a waste of time that would be better spent on dispensing information. So what is the role of humor and fun in […]

Booklet Printing The Best Choice For Business and Marketing Documents

By Travis Helterline Booklet printing and the resulting quality can be an important reflection on the quality and value offered by the company itself. In many situations the booklet serves as a marketing document and is the company’s face to the outside world. It is the first printed document that the customer sees and the […]

How to Develop a Winning Virtual Presentation

By Laurel Silk It is not unusual in today’s economic climate for businesses to scale back on travel costs and to look for ways to reduce business expenditures. Even the recent Swine Flu Pandemic has many large and small businesses eliminating business travel entirely for non-essential staff. Some people will be overjoyed with this news […]

Are Presentations About Sharing Information?

By Anne Warfield Almost 90% of all people we poll say a presentation is about sharing information.  The reality is that a presentation is never about just sharing information! If you believe the presentation is about sharing information you have a tendency to just dump data and information on people and assume they will be […]

Power Point 7 Barriers to Power Point Presentations That Your Audiences Dont Hate

By Susan Trivers Do you automatically open your Power Point templates every time you get ready for a business presentation or speech? Power Point has become the medium of choice of speakers giving business presentations today yet most audiences will say they don’t like it. Here are 7 common barriers to making your Power Point […]