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Small Business Innovation How to Develop an Innovation Strategy to Set Your Business Apart

By Connie Ragen Green Innovation in business is not a new concept. In fact, this is something that has been discussed openly for more than a hundred years. An example is the work of George Hormel, who in 1891 built a meat processing plant outside of his small town in Minnesota. No one had heard […]

Motivate Todays Employees With Recognition

By Ed Rigsbee Are you wondering how to motivate your employees? Do you fear that today’s employees are sometimes un-motivate-able? Here’s the good news; employee motivation is easier than you might realize. Today’s employees really are motivated through recognition. The key is to understand the various kinds of activities considered to be recognition of an […]

Chop Your Project Down to Size

By Sal Pellettieri Have you ever had that feeling where you have so many things to do that you don’t know where to begin? Have you felt anxiety that your project won’t get done on time? I think most of us can relate to that. Sometimes when we are working on a project we compare […]

Procrastination Whats Next?

By Meggin McIntosh If procrastination is adding to your life, then by all means, keep it up. If, however, as I suspect, it’s not really benefiting you, then it’s time to make short work of that list. Two deliberate decisions you can make are: 1. Deliberately determine the very next action. Look through your list […]

Polish Off Procrastination Start by Knowing What You Are Procrastinating About

By Meggin McIntosh Not long ago, I sent out a question to a few hundred people about what their biggest obstacles are to productivity and Holy Moly – I got more responses to that question than to any other one I’ve ever sent out. Based on what people wrote in, clearly procrastination is a huge […]

Improve Workplace Productivity With 5 Simple Tips!

By HS Tan How can we achieve more productivity in a single day? If you are confused with the many tips available out there, take a look at our 5workplace productivity tips that will get you jump-started. Before we can really dwell to these simple straight forward tips, you need to be very aware of […]

Why Are We Not Doing What We Are Supposed to Do?

By HS Tan Why are we not doing the things we should at work? What can be stopping us from producing productive output in our daily work? From another angle, what can be the things that are blockades for your co-workers in delivering quality work on time? We’re humans after all… But we seemed to […]

One Thing at a Time!

By HS Tan On a contrary to popular belief, in our modern day, the person that can perform multitasking seemed to be the most productive person in office. On a daily basis you’ve got to work on multiple things at one go. We are bombarded from multiple projects at one shot. We get unplanned requests […]

Your Guide to Office Machines and Accessories

By M James Equipping your office with the right machines and accessories is vital in ensuring that your staff work as effectively and productively as possible. The following guide will highlight some of the equipment you should look out for and what you should consider when buying it. Fax machines Despite the advent of the […]

Successful 21st Century Leadership

By Coreen Anderson This paper identifies creativity as a main hub in the ability of organizations to maintain a competitive advantage. It looks at the degree to which inhibitors such as organizational designs as well as leadership style may positively or negatively affect creativity in organizations. The paper concludes with a synopsis of how leaders […]