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How Your Resume Limits Your Potential

By Matthew Toone Resumes are essential documents that communicate our past experience, outline our previous accomplishments, and even reveal a portion of our current character. They are so essential that employers, educational institutions, and companies everywhere must require them in order to assess our abilities, compare us against other applicants, and determine which person applying […]

Attributes of a Compelling Resume

By Kenrick Chatman Perhaps the most popular job search tool is the resume. A resume provides a snapshot of an applicant’s work history, skills, and capabilities. Thus, one of the resume’s main purposes is to help individuals acquire job interviews. Yet, several applicants’ resumes do them more harm than good. Their resumes are generic, filled […]

My First Resume Writing Your First Resume Fresh Out of College?

By Jerry Pohn “This is my first resume, I’m fresh out of college, and I don’t have much in the line of work experience?” Don’t be discouraged. We have ways and means of making your ‘no-experience’ background speak the language your first prospective employer wants to hear. “6 Reasons…Why You Have Just Run Out Of […]

How to Write an Accounting Student Cover Letter

By Amanda K Eaddy A cover letter is a letter of introduction that is attached to your resume when you apply for a particular job. It serves as a tool to get a job. Nowadays, there is great demand for accounting students in each and every organization. If you want to secure a decent job […]

What is the Proper Way to Write a Resume? Lets Look at How to Write a Resume Correctly

By Jerry Pohn “How would you like to get your dream job? Sounds perfect, but too good to be true?” Well it all begins with a well written resume… To answer the question ‘What Is The Proper Way To Write A Resume,’ — without being long-winded — would be to say, that it is a […]

Six Sigma Jobs Resume Writing 101

By Tony Jacowski Six Sigma Jobs are not generally difficult to find. They are a bit of a specialty, but with the popularity of Six Sigma Projects, there should be something out there for just about everyone. When you are on the hunt for Six Sigma Jobs, there are some things that you will need […]

The Importance of a Professional Cover Letter

By Payo W Perry If you’re job hunting and actively seeking employment through sending out your resumes you’ll need to be able to put together a professional cover letter. We’ve all heard the expression ‘first impressions count’ well your cover letter is the first thing which will be looked at each time a potential employer […]

Tips to Write Your Covering Letter 1

By Gary Goh The most crucial element while sending out job applications is your cover letter. Think of it as a book cover. Most people would actually judge a book’s contents based on the cover. With thousands of books in the bookstore, the design of the cover would just have to scream “Buy me!” Here […]

Resumes Dont Win Job Offers, Only Interviews Do

By Linda Matias Many people put too much weight on the resume. Simply, the resume’s purpose is to get your phone to ring. It’s not going to win you a position before you get in the door. Sure, you can gain a competitive advantage with a well-written resume, since the interviewer will have preconceived notions […]

How to Write an Amazing Resume

By Josh Neahusan Have you ever written, what you thought, was a solid resume but never got a call from the employer? This happens to so many people around the country, even the world, that people have wrote many techniques to writing a successful resume. I decided to write this article to help you determine […]