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Sales Training Isnt Just For Salespeople Sales Managers Need it, Too

By Carl C. Henry If your sales training programs are aimed solely at your producers, then you might be missing a big part of the equation. That’s because, even though they are your front-line of attack when he comes to bringing in new accounts and revenue, they usually get their strongest impressions from the men […]

Tips to Increase Sales Efficiency

By Richard A Stone Many managers organising sales training for their team complain of rising costs. The five instruments following can help you get costs under control for sales personnel. The costs incurred in personal sales are escalating: experts estimate that costs in personal sales have risen by 200% over the last twenty years. If […]

Giving Positive Feedback on Performance

By Andrew R. Bailey A challenge for managers is to provide feedback on performance. If it’s given in a constructive way, it makes what’s expected from them very clear. It also helps in the area of motivation because it helps them to see where they can improve. Positive feedback is just as helpful as negative […]

Why Isnt My Salesperson Selling?

By Karen Andrews Hiring salespeople is a time consuming and costly exercise, so it’s important to get it right and keep it right. Unfortunately, not all salespeople are equal and managing poor performers is a common (and stressful) problem for many businesses, no matter what their size. There are many reasons why sales people stop […]

BOP Bottom of the Pyramid

By Kingsley Chinaemerem Igwenazor Bottom of the pyramid–represented with the acronym BOP in finance–denotes those at the lowest rung of the ladder in terms of financial capability. This classification has its origin in ancient times but today, it has been rebranded. Many of today’s mega rich utilized this knowledge in serving more people while amassing […]

Set and Achieve Lower COGS When You Start a Dollar Store

By Bob Hamilton One of the biggest challenges facing every person who decides to start a dollar store is how to keep cost-of-goods-sold numbers under control. After all, everywhere you look prices are rising. Freight costs are growing, dollar store merchandise costs remain on an upward trend. Yet if you are to succeed there must […]

12 Sales Contest Ideas For Your Sales Team

By Chris Denny Incentives work. I have been trying monthly sales contests ideas lately and they are working – even if only to light some fires and charge up the team a little. Try some version of them with your sales team if you don’t already. Notice some of these sales contest ideas are designed […]

Dont Be a Quote Factory Be Alert to the Symptoms of Weak Selling

By Robert Seviour What is your business’ closing rate? That is to say, what is the ratio of firm orders to the enquiries you get? If, for example, you only close one order from 15 inquiries and considerable work goes into preparing a quotation each time, it’s time to review your sales-process. That figure of […]

Sales Talent Not Needed

By Tony Cole I’m reading a booklet that my daughter Alex brought home from school. It is a booklet that explains the entire choir program at Sycamore High School. In one of the paragraphs it read, “You do not have to be able to sing to be a part of the choir. However you do have to demonstrate […]

Involving Sales Managers in Development and Delivery

By Kendra Lee Sales Managers bring a level of expertise and respect that can instantly make – or break – your training program. You know the typical ways to involve sales managers in training: Understand their needs: Prior to training, ask sales managers to define the business objectives they hope to address. Identify what they […]