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Our Sales Training Needs to Be More Thoughtful For Todays Marketplace

By Peter L Mitchell During the last two years the world has changed, the customers and the markets with it. Customers are demanding more information, they want stronger guarantees, they are seeking better value and comparing prices more closely. Customer loyalty is diminishing as they become more critical of the value offered by so many […]

Sales Training Its Time to Give the Customer a Taste of His Own Medicine

By Joshua Black As a sales person, you will need to understand that most of the time the customer is actually lying to you. Yep, it’s true. Your customers are lying to you most of the time. They lie for all kinds of reasons and the fact that they lie does not matter. You need […]

Ditch the Sales Lines

By Greta Schulz At 4:45 p.m. on the last Friday of the month, John was still struggling to seal the deal with Sam, the prospect he’d been sitting with for nearly two hours. If he could only close this sale, he’d meet his quarterly goal and earn that bonus he’d been gunning for. “Sam, I […]

Pitch is For Baseball

By Greta Schulz In my recent search for additional sales consultants, I have discovered something interesting: People are afraid of “sales.” OK, so I didn’t just discover that; I obviously have known it for a long time. I would tell prospective consultants that I would hear a hesitation in their voice when interviewing them and […]

Watch Your Sales Language!

By Susan A. Enns Ever since we were young, we have been taught to watch our language. “Mind your p’s and q’s, and if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” A sales person knocked on my door the other day. The experience served as a reminder that professional sales […]

Emotional Selling How to Trigger a Buying Decision

By Fern Lebo When you are in sales, especially in tough times like this, you search for something to give you an edge. Perhaps you’ve heard about emotional selling, but you are not sure how the usual description (appealing to the buyer’s needs, wants and fears) applies to you. Still, you want to know more so you […]

3 Ways to Use Humor to Increase Your Sales

By Woody Kaye We probably all have a “favorite” commercial. That one that literally made us roll on the floor we were laughing so hard and that we repeated to all of our friends. Humor can be a huge asset in many types of marketing. However, it is important to use the right type of […]

Online Sales Training The Best Mediums to Use For Your Online Sales Training

By Sean R Mize Thanks to the advent of the internet, sharing your knowledge is now very easy. You don’t need to require people to fly in to a specific venue. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can easily teach them the things they need to boost their online sales and […]

Sales and Marketing Training 4 Amazing and Powerful Ways to Improve Your Trainings

By Sean R Mize This article is for those in-house sales and marketing trainers who are tasked to improve the sales of their organization’s sales teams. Here’s how you can make your trainings more effective and more impacting: 1. Assess the current sales process. Review this process that is currently being used by your sales […]

Sales Training Techniques Uncover 7 Amazing Ways to Multiply Your Training Methods For Sales

By Sean R Mize Let’s face it. We all like to be entertained. Your sales training program is a form of entertainment for your students and other business people. In order to increase your popularity, you’ve got to speak to your audience in a way they prefer. Continue reading to uncover 7 amazing ways to […]