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Agriculture Leads A DIY Sales Lead Guide For Farmers

By Tino Buntic As a farmer you are like a small business professional. You need to sell your agricultural products – crops, soil, livestock, cattle, cows, pigs, dairy, farm machinery and equipment. You need agriculture leads so that you can sell and make a living. The good news is that it is quite easy to […]

Selling Your Services The Real Reason Clients Hire You

By Cheryl Clausen Do you know why your clients really hire you? I’ll bet you don’t. I’ll also bet the fact you don’t really know what your clients are buying is costing you in terms of your ability to get more clients. If you are like most service providers you think your clients choose to […]

How to Achieve Your Sales Targets in 2010

By Kelley Robertson I’m sure by now that you have established your sales targets for next year. If you haven’t I suggest that you get cracking and do it now. Time is slipping past! If you have set your targets, congratulations! Here are 10 things you can do to achieve those goals. 1. Invest time […]

Selling Your Services The Secret to a Full Book of Business

By Cheryl Clausen When was the last time you took a long hard look at your website, your marketing materials, and what you say when you talk to potential clients? Are you beginning to sound like another voice in the choir singing the same old tired song? If you don’t change with the business environment […]

4 Keys to Successful Service Marketing Especially For Dentists!

By Dr. Tony Ratliff What exactly are you promoting or “selling?” Most of us in the dental profession would answer this question with crowns, fillings, dentures, teeth whiting, improved aesthetics and/or optimal oral health. But in reality, we are selling services. We can’t actually give patients new white teeth, but we can fabricate a new […]

A Persuasion Reminder to Ger Your Clients to Take Immediate Action

By Michael Bahian When you entered the world of business, you already thought of how you are going to get more sales in just a small period of time. There are a lot of techniques that you can use in persuading your clients to get what you want but you need to learn how, when […]

Why Should I Learn How to Sell?

By Joe Dambra Whether we realize it or not everyone of us is selling to every other one of us. Consider this; you are trying to get a better job. What you will have to do is persuade that company to take you on. Sell them on your qualifications. You want to get your child […]

The Selling Strategy For the Friendly, Talkative Prospect

By Joe Dambra The friendly talkative prospect can be the nicest person you know — easy to get along with, and agreeable to a fault. He or She is so sociable that it is almost impossible to get the sale going in the direction you want it. They talk endlessly about everything but the sale. […]

5 Reasons to Raise Prices in Your House Cleaning Business

By Jean Hanson “I know my prices are too low, but I can’t raise them because I have too much competition and my prospects and clients will never go for it!” How many of you have said this at some point in your business? I want to challenge you to change your thinking on raising […]

Diagnosing a Dying Sales Department

By Val King Most companies don’t know their sales department is dead until they begin to smell the corpse and see their sales numbers fall off a cliff into Lake Competitor. Over the years it has been my job to identify sales issues, diagnose sales health and return sales organizations to top form. As a […]