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The Basic Business Plan For Solopreneurs

By Rob Place Before the business plan is even started, a little prep should be done first: Pre-Business Plan Business and Personal Feasibility. Without conducting Personal Feasibility, you miss out on positioning your business relative to your skills and interests. Without Business Feasibility, you won’t have a basic idea of your revenue model. I don’t […]

How Do You Give Away Free Samples to Market Your Training Business?

By Will Kenny If you are an independent training consultant, serving businesses, you may have found it challenging to get prospects to try you out. Unlike some others who sell products and services to businesses, you may think there is no way to give a prospect a sample of what you do, to let them […]

How to Attract Your Ideal Clients

By Christine M Jenkins When people start out in business, they often get caught up in all the details of how to get started – finding premises, training, logos, decorations, websites etc, etc. If you’re a solopreneur, and new to business, this can be very challenging and take a lot of time and energy. I […]

Forget Marketing Yourself Until Youve Got This One Critical Thing Right

By John Spencer Williams Like many self-employed people right now you’ve probably been thinking about how to have a good year despite the sluggish economy. I’ve been advising people for 5 years on how to make their own business work and whether they’re a freelancer, consultant, coach, speaker, or internet entrepreneur, I’ve discovered one defining […]

The Developmental Retreat Accelerate Your Business

By Lorraine King-Markum Look at that new logo! It’s spectacular! How wonderful it felt to decide on the logo, tagline, and branding for your new business! You were certain that your business would take off with the right visibility and well thought out marketing. The niche you chose had a large market, the business plan […]

Talking Shop With Fellow Freelancers

By Jason Stockman Freelancers always seem to discuss clients whenever they get together. This tendency can be a wise decision in the long haul, especially if you are speaking with freelancers in the same area. For example, a certain client likes to talk freelancers into dropping their prices for the first few projects and then […]

Why it Pays to Be Picky About Clients and Opportunities

By Rhonda G Hess Is every single client you have a pure joy to work with? Do you easily find the time to market for new clients and create new programs? Are you making the income from coaching that you had in mind? If you answer ‘no’ to any of these questions, you’re not alone. […]

Mystery Shopping Fun, Easy Money to Make

By Michael J Marks Many retail corporations and research companies are willing to pay an arm and a leg to get feedback about their operations from regular customers like you. They want to find out if their employees behave properly towards customers when the bosses aren’t around, and if the stores are clean and orderly […]

Business Ensuring Your Business is Strong Professional Development

By Linda Hancock There is no maintenance in life.  You are either moving forward or going backwards.  Professional development is a way for you to move forward in a healthy way that will increase your knowledge, skills and abilities for the benefit of your clients. There are several ways that you can experience professional development […]

The Most Crucial Point in Becoming Successful in the Life Coaching Profession

By Anne Geraghty The most crucial point in becoming successful in the life coaching profession is having a solid client base. It will not matter if you are the most skilful life coach in the market if you do not have enough clients to sustain your business therefore you need to know how to set […]