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Three Ways to Make Requirements Gathering More Effective and Fun

By Judy Rees Are your requirements-gathering interviews and workshops a pleasure, or a form of torture? When you make the process enjoyable for participants it becomes more effective – as well as making you more popular! It has long been recognised that one of the leading causes of project failure is having poorly-defined requirements. Remember […]

Flex Your Style to Get Results From Others

By Fe Foreman Model overload There is no shortage of models to help you think about your communication style. Working through just a couple with a client recently it struck me how easy it would be to be overwhelmed with the information on offer. If we all had to carry our own, and other’s myers-briggs […]

The Secret to Being a Witty Conversationalist is Not in What You Say

By Barbara Busey Here’s a pop quiz: People will think you a delightful conversationalist if you: A. can talk intelligently about a wide variety of things B. can tell funny jokes or witty stories C. have an interesting hobby to talk about D. are interested in them The answer, and the irony, is that the […]

Communication Communic8 Essentials

By Barbara Busey While there are many skills that can improve and enhance your communication, I have identified eight key ones that, after years of training in this field, I have found to be the most essential in helping you enhance your professionalism, improve your relationships, and make a difference in your business success.. Then […]

Communicating Difficult News With Confidence and Respect

By Kim Fabian Being a leader is not easy. Dealing with complex issues sometimes requires that you hold your tongue, and sometimes requires that you speak up. Discerning which of the two is necessary can be a challenge. But one thing I know for sure is that the way you deliver the message can help […]

Time Span of Intercultural Communication in the Workplace

By Kathleen Pate Intercultural communication in the workplace can be far different now than even 20 or 30 years ago. In some work environments where there may be several cultures, languages may be several types of speech. Many workers of different ethnic backgrounds may stick closer together because of the fact that one’s own kind […]

Business Communication How to Make Your Work Communications More Effective

By Sean R Mize Business communication refers to the type of communication used within and outside an organization with the aim to promote a product or a service or to rely information to employees and suppliers. Here’s how you can make your business communications more effective: 1. Know your audience. Who are the people that […]

More Effective Business Communication Six Tips

By Jennifer Williamson The Internet has made it both easier and more difficult for people to communicate. It is now easier than ever to send written correspondence; all it takes is the click of a button. But many people would rather send off a quick email than pick up the phone, which means more people […]

Business Communication The Latest 5 Big Secrets to Energize Your Workplace Communication

By Sean R Mize Would you like your business communications to become more attention-grabbing and to sound more impacting? Here’s what you need to do: 1. Set your goals. Before you even start tapping on your key board, determine your goals for writing a specific business communication first. Would you like to inform? Would you […]

Layoff Announcement Writing 4 Steps to Say Goodbye With Class

By Barb Sawyers Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of layoff announcements, about employees being let go as a result of the recession. Most are leaving through no fault of their own. They want, and deserve, to maintain their dignity and respect. Their many loyal friends and protégés need to know that senior management understands […]