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Bouncers Dont Just Throw Bar Stools and Bully the Drunks They Are Peace Makers

By Autumn L Rose When it comes to being a bouncer at a bar, it actually involves a lot more than the general population would realize. It seems surprising but acquiring the profession of a bouncer takes large amounts of skill, great judgment, fast psychological thinking, physical strength, and basic knowledge and understanding of the […]

Conducting Fire Risk Assessment in Your Businesses

By Bennett Glover A fire risk assessment is an essential part of any business establishment. Not only does it determine how hazardous your work place is in terms of fire incidents, but it also gives you different options in dealing with these hazards to further prevent fire incidents and losing lives. Like what happened in […]

Possible Outcomes Failing to Follow Safety Measures

By Chuck R Stewart The Department of Transportation uses them on roadsides and the Grand Canyon has them throughout its enormous structure. Rooftop lounges and waterway dock and pier areas utilize them too. Construction worksites use them, and so do many protection agencies who have a need to create a restricted area. Safety rails and […]

Providing a Safe and Secure Working Environment

By Chuck R Stewart One of the very best ways a company can insulate itself from employees experiencing on the job injuries or from having to process a worker’s compensation claim is to see that all job sites have the necessary safety equipment. Not only is this an extremely prudent move, but in many cases, […]

What You Dont Know Could Burn You How to Avoid the Unknown Dangers of Handling Fuel in Your Shop

By Bob Hendry If you don’t think worse things can happen – think again. HEADLINE: One injured in Johnson City auto repair shop fire and explosion. “According to the Johnson City Press a fire at Auto Repair was caused by an exploding gas tank…One mechanic was injured in the blaze…The fire started when a gas […]

Do Your Part Get Environmental Training Today

By Zafer Ahmed Taking on online course of environmental training will help you do your part to ensure an environmentally friendly workplace. It seems everybody is talking nowadays about the need to be environmentally sensitive and proactive. Individuals are recycling and working to reduce their carbon footprint – companies are developing environmental policies and attempting […]

The Practicality of Slip Resistant Flooring

By Jenny Pilley There are many flooring companies that make sure they can provide their customers with the right flooring for their business, whether that be carpet, carpet tiles or laminate wood flooring. However, there are companies who proceed to know that businesses can benefit from slip resistant flooring. Countless accidents that may not be […]