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The Pros and Cons of Digital Books For Children

By Jeanette McLeod Children need to be exposed to books and reading to improve their literacy levels including their vocabulary knowledge.¬†The wider variety of reading matter they are exposed to can develop these skills. Parents/carers play a critical role in exposing children to reading as well as providing the support and encouragement every child needs.¬†However […]

The Leanin Dog By KA Nuzum

By Karen Haney K. A. Nuzum’s new book, The Leanin’ Dog, tells a first person narrative story about a young girl named Dessa Dean who is eleven years old. The story takes place during the winter in Colorado in the 1930s just before Christmas. Dessa is a lonely child who desperately needs a friend, especially […]

The Adventures of Songha Wonderful Childrens (and Cat Lovers) Book!

By Glenda Bixler Cat-Lover Alert! Check out The Adventures of Songha by Linda R. Caterine and bow to the beauty of “The African Queen!” With a beautiful cover featuring Songha by Robert Knight and fascinating sketches by William Dye throughout the book, Linda Caterine has created both an informative and exciting children’s book. If you […]

Childrens Books Finding the Moral of the Story

By Michelle Nieblas Discipline is evolving. Years ago, it was the norm that when a child did something that they weren’t supposed to do, he or she was spanked, sent up to bed without dinner, and that was the end of that, until next time. In modern times parents use time out, or grounding to […]

Book Review of the Adventures of Pinocchio

By Shawn B The complete ‘Adventures of Pinocchio’ as presented in this version, are but a far cry from the dimmed recollections of the story that we remember as children of a small wooden puppet that is afflicted with a nose growing problem every time he lies! In this version – a complete translation from […]

Pee Wee in a Nutshell Book Review

By Lillian Brummet Pee Wee’s Family In a Nutshell (ISBN# 0969788320) is the third installment in the series of children’s books written by Larraine Roulston. The series is based on the character Pee Wee Worman – who teaches readers about vermiculture, or composting with worms. Larraine shares a powerful quote from Charles Darwin on the […]