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Comic Books The Silver Age (1950 to 1970s)

By Charly Leetham In the silver age of comic books, comic book companies took ordinary, though highly skilled, super heroes and placed them in rockets, visit alien worlds and fight for the good no matter what type of society there was. The silver age of comic books lasted approximately from the late 1950’s to the […]

Taking a Look at DC Vs Marcel Comic Books

By Mike Selvon Comic books have entertained audiences since the 1930s with their quick, easy-to-read artwork and appealing, over-the-top characters. Behind Batman, Spiderman, Superman, the X-Men or other comic book heroes, there are behemoth enterprises that have dominated the comic book world for decades. While Marvel Comic Books and DC Comic Books have rivaled each […]

Comic Books More Than Pretty Pictures

By Eric Brasley Gary Phillips is a crime and mystery novelist. But, that would be too limiting to express the variety of his endeavors or his interests. In this article from the Books of Soul Newsletter, Gary discusses writing for comic books and graphic novels. Right off let me say that writing for comics is […]