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Economic Climate in Cardiff

By Jonathan E Richards Cardiff is the capital city of Wales, and is a bustling economic hub of over 300,000 people in the city proper, with over a million people estimated to live within forty-five minutes of the city. Wales enjoys a much lower cost of living than the U.K. average, and Cardiff combines the […]

National Debt Comparison to Personal Finances Basic

By Jeffrey Schrimmer We are allowing ourselves to let partisan differences tear away what truly unites us all together, a hope that our children will have it better then we do now. In that we need to look at our financial obligations both on a personal level and as a nation. Deficit spending is not […]

London Hotels Amidst the Financial Crunch

By Kelvin Kong Without a doubt, the global financial crunch has affected practically every industry. We’ve seen the devastation of the automotive industry, the backlash to the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry, and there have even been ripples in the tech industry. The hospitality industry isn’t exempt from the effects of the economic crisis, as […]

How Are Rivers Important to the Growth of a City?

By Lance Winslow Most people do not realize how important healthy rivers are to the growth and vitality of American Cities. And really rivers and water ways are important regardless of the state, province, country, or continent. Rivers matter and so too does all of the fresh water supplies on this planet. You see, although […]

How Could Ghana Benefit From Its Post High Indebted Poor Country Status (HIPC) With Securitisation

By John Whonderr-Arthur, Esq The fundamental principle guiding the initiative is that in the post-HIPC era Ghana will be able to achieve ‘external debt sustainability’ and thus will not require new rounds of debt forgiveness. The begging question however is the type of fiscal policy that will be consistent with debt sustainability in the post-HIPC […]

Employment Scenario in Indian Economy

By Tirumala Prasad At present about 75% of Indian population lives in rural areas and most of them depend on primary economic activities in general and agriculture and related economic activities in particular for livelihood. The new economic policy is mostly responsible for considerable number of population shifting to the tertiary and secondary sectors. Disguised […]

Economy Proof

By Drawk Kwast Say of me what you will, but I never pay any attention to the news. While the world is busy talking of economic collapse, I remain almost oblivious to it.  I learned long ago that the only time opportunities are in short supply is when the market is unchanging.  As long as […]

How Corporate Greed Caused the Economic Turmoil

By Praveen Kotha United States of America is the financial hub of the world operating with capitalistic approach driven by the Laissez-faire principle. Being a member and a dominant force in WTO and NAFTA, it propelled the world markets to be more open, more integrated and more accessible to drive global competition. America connected the […]

Surviving the Economic Crisis Creating National Food Programs

By Markus Taylor Creating a National Food Program could be one way to cut back on the expense of importing food, and at the same time creating some employment in an essential industry. This may go against the market, but if we look at the immediate needs of many Countries, people do mention the need for […]

What Will the Crisis Do to the Euro?

By Hans Bool A crisis will make people stronger. Of course it is also possible that a crisis will lead to (personal or business) bankruptcy. But will the Euro collapse as some predict? I don’t think so. It is an interesting thought for speculators who foresee gains. In the past it was George Soros who […]