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New Book Offers Improved Relationship With Money and With Life

By Tyler Tichelaar In “The Currency of Thought,” the third and final volume of Debi Waldeck’s “In the Beginning…there was wellness” series, she takes a departure from her talk about nutrition, our physical health and our bodies’ needs to talk about our financial situations. Many authors of health, wellness, and self-help books will talk about […]

Book Review of Evies Kitchen

By Laura Bruno The first thing you will notice about this book is that it is stunningly lush and beautiful. From the cover photo of Evie looking so faeriesque, to the family photos to all the gorgeous recipes: Evie’s Kitchen offers a feast for the eyes! You might also notice early on that this is […]

Cure Your Own Back Pain eBook Review

By Faith Clark Cure Your Own Back Pain is a PDF eBook that shows you how to rid yourself of chronic pain in the lower back in a matter of a few days. It was written by a regular guy who was forced to get rid of his own back pain because nobody else could […]

A Page Turner About Hysterectomy

By Lee Rothberg This book is about the uterus and the ovaries. What they are, where they’re located, and their many important life-long functions. The common reasons women are told they need treatment, including surgery, as well as alternatives in treatment and the ways that hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) and oophorectomy (removal of the […]

Close Your Mouth Was My Miracle

By Suzanne Zacharia I used to think that many physical conditions were permanent. Take asthma fir example. Surely it is a hereditary condition, and therefore it is permanent? At least that is how I was conditioned to believe. Is this a familiar foe: Asthma? COPD? Chronic Bronchitis? Emphysema? Hayfever? Pet or dust allergy? Can you […]

Sunrise Tai Chi by Ramel Rones A Review

By Alain Burrese “Sunrise Tai Chi: Simplified Tai Chi For Health & Longevity” by Ramel Rones with David Silver is not just another tai chi book. Published by YMAA Publication Center, “Sunrise Tai Chi” was a pleasant surprise and much more than I expected. Rather than another picture book illustrating tai chi forms, Rones has […]

No Nonsense Muscle Building The Ultimate Review

By Fergal Downes In today’s world we often hear women complaining that they don’t have the perfect body and can’t seem to lose excess fat or simply tone up. A lesser heard of issue is that of men who want to put on muscle mass but don’t know where to start. Supplement company’s make BILLIONS […]

Baby Steps To Victory

By Nelson Rodriguez You can’t accept failure to define your life, because this is what it does, it defines your life, this means that action is no longer present… it’s not alive, everything is dead, a mental condition that doesn’t want to act. It doesn’t mean to lose a fight, because in a fight there’s […]

Health Considerations and Cancer Concerns

By Lance Winslow One thing that everyone worries about as they get older is cancer, as it kills so many people. Not as often as before as so many treatments of various cancers are so great, but it still very much concerns people and it is for this reason I’d like to recommend a very […]

Cancer Step Outside the Box

By Shay Mcconaughey What is Cancer? It’s the continent across an uncharted ocean–or is it? In his book, Cancer: Step Outside the Box (2nd Edition 2007, Infinity 5102 Partners, ISBN 0-9788065-0-6), the author rediscovers and shares the cures for cancer. This book is well-organized, easy to read, and crammed with eye-opening information about this frightening […]