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Between Sundays

By Nola Redd It seems like every Karen Kingsbury book I read makes me reconsider becoming a foster parent, and Between Sundays is no exception. In this heartwarming novel, Kingsbury touches lightly on the flaws in the foster system, while reminding all Christians that it isn’t so important what you do on the Sabbath as […]

Broad Street Bully

By L. A. Sharp For me, Broad Street Bully is a story that had to be told, and it is, in fact, a story that we can all relate to – the struggle to stay on the right path in the face of enormous odds. The main character, Eric Stiles, is a recent college graduate […]

Why So Many Authors Are Writing Inspirational Books

By Adam Leeds There was a time when fiction was categorized in just a few main categories, the most popular being science fiction, horror, romance, and the western. Today’s readers, however, have taken on more complex tastes, giving writers more freedom when writing their stories. One of the most popular “sub-genres” of fiction that authors […]

Book Review Left Behind

By Nola Redd Rayford Steele is piloting an international flight when his stewardess alerts him that 25% of the people on his plane have vanished, leaving behind clothes, jewelry, and all other physical evidence. Steele, inattentive husband to a devout Christian woman, knows immediately that his passengers, like true Christians around the world, have been […]