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The Firstborn by Conlan Brown

By Richard R Blake Intrigue Suspense Supernatural Thriller Conlan Brown has intertwined creative imagination and a complex plot with unexpected plot twists that keep the reader deducing and turning pages at a breakneck speed right up to the final scene in his novel “The Firstborn.” The Prima, the Ora, and Domani, three distinct ancient religious […]

The Black Sea A Novel by Richard Setlowe

By Gail Pruszkowski “The Experiment” by Richard Setlowe, written in 1980, has always been one of my favorite science fiction novels. I always intended to read more of his work, but didn’t get around to it until recently when I came across a used copy of “The Black Sea.” This first rate thriller about espionage, […]

Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell Book Review

By Nancy Eaton Whether it is a secret in your past or a skeleton in your closet, they usually come back to haunt you! Peter was raised by his grandparents. One day he found them brutally murdered. He attended a school where he became friends with Adam Locano who was the son of a Mafia […]

Will the Real James Patterson Stand Up!

By Peter Damien Ryan Patterson is one of the best-known and bestselling writers of all time. He is the author of the two bestselling detective series of the past decade, the Alex Cross novels and The Women’s Murder Club series, and he has written many other number one bestsellers. In 2007, one of every fifteen […]

The Money Washers A Paige Harrington Mystery by Allan McLeod Book Review

By Paige Lovitt Free-lance journalist Paige Harrington is at it again in the third book of her mystery series. Her latest adventure involves the banking industry and money laundering. Paige’s interest is sparked when two female bankers are murdered. She fears for her banker friend Emily, because Emily’s profile is very similar to these women. […]

Lost Girls Touches Paranormal and Human Trafficking!

By Glenda Bixler Lost Girls by George D. Shuman is one of those books you hate to love! The storyline of human trafficking is horrendous; however, the story created surrounding the topic is an exciting, fast-paced thriller that takes you from the cliffs of Mount McKinley to the jungles of Haiti! Shuman is a 20-year […]

Blood Brothers by Rick Acker

By Laurel Wreath Blood Brothers By Rick Acker Glass Road PR June 2008 “A fast paced thriller that will keep you on your seat!” Neurostim is a brand new drug that increases a person’s productivity and creativity. If this drug passes the FDA standards it could really benefit everyone from policemen, firemen, the military, all […]

Vrolok Book Review

By Lillian Brummet Do you love a vampire tale that swallows you whole and you disappear in it for days at a time? Then Vrolok is the book for you. I am not kidding – I disappeared for about 10 hours the day I began this review project… and completed the book the next morning. […]

A Matter of Revenge by I Michael Koontz Book Review

By Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson I. Michael Koontz’s “A Matter of Revenge” follows John Apparite, an extremely successful and resourceful Superagent, through a series of missions set in 1956, the ruthless time of Cold War. Moving seamlessly from New York to London, followed by the French countryside, the divided city of Berlin and then to Belgium, Apparite […]