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Its Our Turn to Eat The Story of a Kenyan Whistle Blower by Michie Wrong Book Review

By Erika Ayala “It’s Our turn To Eat – The story of a Kenyan Whistle-Blower” by Michie Wrong is a political action themed story written in a very detailed way. It’s all about battling corruption inside the Government. We always incorporate the word “Corruption” in Government; well that’s just because most of them are corrupt. […]

Love Transcends it All

By Lynn Henriksen Well, what can I say? I’m overwhelmed with feelings after reading Lynn Scott’s “A Joyful Encounter, My Mother, My Alzheimer Clients, and Me.” Her memoir brought up passion and emotion in me about my Alzheimer’s afflicted mother on so many levels that I know will stay with me forever. It’s hard to […]

Non Fiction is a Thrill Ride When James Patterson Writes About King Tut

By Karen Haney Did you know that James Patterson also writes non-fiction? For many people who never knew that fact, this was an awakening! THE MURDER OF KING TUT is touted as a “non-fiction thriller” and it is every bit of that. With the hugely successful and amazing non-fiction book, AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE: ONE FAMILY’S […]

Talking About the Past and Present to Guestimate Tomorrow

By Lance Winslow For those of us that like to think about the future, there is a whole group of people called The World Future Society or WFS, and in this organization there are people that call themselves Futurists and many of them are consultant to business and government and they are an eclectic and […]

Writer Within You by Charles Jacobs A Book Review

By Richard R Blake Writing for Publication During Your Retirement Years In his book “The Writer Within You” award winning author Charles Jacobs provides the reader with a step by step guide to writing and publishing during the retirement years. This is a “hands on” how to book which covers everything from how to building […]

The Kookies (Kukis)

By Amin Lhanghal “The Kookies (Kukis)” is an extracted note from the book entitled as “The Wild Tribes of India,” by Dr. Horatia Bickerstaffe Rowney, printed in 1982. The extraction is done for those interested in rebuilding up of the Kuki Nation in particular, and the Kuki people (now named with varieties of newly invented […]

My Guantanamo Diary

By Muhammad Yaqoob Mahvish Khan’s book “My Guantanamo Diary” is a quick and light read. She has penned her experiences meeting the detainees at Guantanamo Bay and how translating for the lawyers representing them gave her an insight very few civilians have had. Starting out with her initial interest in the plight of these men […]

Fat Envelope Frenzy eBook Edition

By Gigi Reynard I grew up in a solidly middle class family. I honestly did not know that NOT going to college was an option. On the other hand, it never occurred to me (or my parents) to apply to an Ivy League college — too expensive and way to Eastern. Even so, I have […]