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Inside Buzz on Choosing the Perfect Parrot

By Gideon Williams Choosing the perfect parrot is important especially for people who do not have any experience in rearing this particular bird. If you want to make sure that your pet is healthy, happy, and can perform tricks and even mimic your words, you really have to pick the type of parrot that is […]

Eclectus Parrot The Ideal Parrot Type For Beginners

By Gideon Williams The Eclectus parrot is an Asiatic parrot type that is widely bred in Europe and the United States. This bird, which is endemic in New Guinea, is ideal for people who are looking for their first parrot pet because it can adapt well in a cage and can be easy to care […]

Basic Guide to Parrot Feeding

By Gideon Williams Parrot feeding is one of the most important things that a first-time parrot owner should learn. Apart from a roomy cage, diet is one of the things that this type of bird is very particular about. If you want your pet to do tricks, mimic words (and even sentences), and avoid making […]

What to Do When You Want an African Parrot As a Pet

By Gideon Williams An African parrot, particularly the African Grey, is one of most preferred pets by parrot lovers mainly because of its ability to mimic human language and also due to its intelligence. An adult African parrot male is generally ash gray in color and has pale yellow irises. However, the hue on its […]

Top Tips For Proper Parrot Care

By Gideon Williams There is no denying that parrots are very entertaining and fun. But before go to your nearest breeder, learning parrot care techniques in advance is very important if you plan to get this type of bird as pet. By knowing the right way to care for parrots, you will surely keep your […]

Parrot Toys Where to Find Things in Your Home to Make Them

By Mika Harimoto Understandably our budgets are getting tighter and tighter nowadays, but does that mean your parrot does not deserve any new toys? Well, the good thing is that you can still get some toys for your feathered companion to play without spending a fortune. What is the catch? The trick is to actually […]

Scarlet Macaws As Pet Parrots

By Gary Caine Scarlet Macaws are one of the larger parrots species. They can reach 36 inches in length, although half of that is it’s slender tail. Getting one of these parrots is not a short term commitment. Some have lived to be 75 years old, and the average life span is between 35 and […]

How to Choose a Bird Feeder

By Mary Fesio Bird feeders are an excellent way to attract birds into your surroundings. They are a way of insuring that your feathered friends are cared for and visiting you all year long. The tips found on this page will insure that you and the birds are happy all year long. First, you must […]

Ensure the Safety of Your Pet Bird With a Proper Bird Cage

By Sunil Punjabi Those who owned and raised other pets before, such as dogs or cats, know that a house can have several dangerous spots. Even if one might think some dangers faced by puppies or kittens won’t apply to birds, they too come with their own safety perils. Birds which spend some of their […]

Fun Things to Do With Your African Grey Parrot

By Azmi Adnan African Grey parrots are popular birds with pet owners because of their intelligence and their ability to talk. As a parrot owner, you may be busy throughout the day trying to teach your African Grey parrot to talk, or breeding a parrot, or teaching your parrot new tricks. But know when it is time […]