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Air Pump For Your Aquarium Some Things You Need to Know

By Wilfre Projil Some people just love animals and because of that they treat animals as their family members. There are so many pet lovers in the world that they would do everything to make their pets comfortable and feel that they are loved. Yes, it might be true with dogs or cats but thinking […]

Stocking Your Fish Pond

By Brett Owenhouse What you stock your pond with will differ greatly depending on the type you choose – fish pond or wildlife pond. This article considers stocking a fish pond. Plants The kind of plants you’ll have in your pond fall into four main categories: -Oxygenators – as the name suggests, oxygenators produce oxygen, […]

Discus Fish Breeders Proven Tactics to Breed Your Discus Fish

By Evelyn Stone Discus fish breeders have some techniques that are tried and tested for getting these dazzling creatures to mate and produce offspring. In this post I can discuss some of the most significant things that you’ll have to have in place and do to give yourself the best chance at being successful at […]

300 Gallon Aquarium Tank

By Marcial Magana When building a 300 Gallon Aquarium Tank first you should think of the environment that you want to create, when you know what environment you want to make then you start to buy the supply. This is the first step you take when building the perfect aquarium tank, so at the end […]

BiOrb 8 Gallon Fish Tank Review

By Chris Saba About the BiOrb 8 Gallon Fish Tank The BiOrb 8 gallon fish tank combines an updated traditional fish tank look with a hi-tech filtration system built into the aquarium. BiOrb has designed this fish bowl to incorporate more sophisticated aquarium features, including the advanced five=stage filtration system. The fish tank is constructed […]

Find Out What Types of Koi Pond Equipment Are a Must!

By Alan Deacon With Koi pond equipment, as with everything, there are both wants and needs. You must be able to determine which are which. There are also some types of equipment that, while not necessities, make caring for your pond so much easier that you should acquire them if you are able to. Remember […]

Picking Out the Correct Fish Tank For Your Home Aquarium The Smart Way!

By David Erdons Hernandez You walk into a large retail store such as Walmart, Petco or PetSmart looking for that perfect fish tank so you can start your home aquarium, yet you have no idea what you are really looking for. Luckily I will help you make that decision. One thing I do have to […]

Aquarium Reef Tips

By Cris M. Stanford An aquarium reef is a display of reef, coral, as well as other livestock. Aquarium reefs are very popular because they are so beautiful to look at. They usually consist of vibrant colors, lots of different shapes and sizes. However, as far as artificial aquariums go they are the most difficult […]

Tips on How to Set Up Your Saltwater Fish Tank

By Cris M. Stanford So you decided that you want to invest the extra time, work and money into maintaining a saltwater fish tank rather than a traditional freshwater fish tank. The problem is that you don’t know where to start or what to do about getting your saltwater fish tank setup. That’s okay, in […]

Start a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium and Enjoy Fish Keeping For Life

By John N Eddie How many thousands of hobbies are there out there today? Well yes, quite literally thousands upon thousands. Sure we’ve all got different tastes but starting a tropical freshwater fish aquarium is one of those amazing hobbies which keeps you going for life. Fish keeping it is then. You see, some hobbies […]