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Say Ahhhh Mouth and Teeth Exam

By Jodi M Wilson You may think there is not a lot to do with the mouth until you need to check the capillary refill time of your horse’s gums when he is sick or your horse gets a kick in the face and you need to check its teeth and treat wounds. How about […]

Horse Training How to Get Respect Out of Your Horse

By Andrew Curry Knowing how to get your horse’s respect is key to training him in any discipline. If you’re a horse owner over 40, this is especially important. Here’s why. If your horse doesn’t have respect for you, he will walk all over you like a teenager gone bad. He’ll invade your space. He […]

Horse Training How to Fix an Unpredictable Horse

By Andrew Curry If your horse scares you because he’s unpredictable while riding him, here are some techniques you can try. First, understand that he may be unpredictable because you may be making him that way. Check to see if you’re giving him conflicting signals. That confuses a horse. A confused horse can easily turn […]

What is Jackknifing With a Horse Drawn Four Wheeled Vehicle?

By Ellen Schmidt Did you ever ask yourself why a two-wheeled vehicle is safer for a beginner? In every book you can read this and whoever you ask will tell you so. So here are the reasons for it. For the novice whip a two-wheeled vehicle is easier and safer to handle and to drive […]

Barefoot Trimming To Shoe Or Not to Shoe?

By Stephanie H. Yeh Barefoot trimming, or the practice of not shoeing your horse, is a wonderful gift that you can give your horse. Leaving your horse barefoot allows his body to function the way nature intended, with the hooves able to expand and contract as they strike the ground. This allows them to act […]

Cheap Horse Rugs Homemade is the Best Way!

By Dessie Campbell Making your own cheap horse rugs is a great way to protect your horse year round without spending too much money. Just because a horse is considered an outdoor animal it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she can handle the climate in which you live in. Blankets and rugs are effective […]

Horse Riding Games Building Up Motivation

By Mario W Bandido Horse riding games are terribly helpful tools in helping student riders learn more by building up inducement. As with the other kinds of learning, games foster play, which increases motivation. Incentive encourages students to engage in the act of gaining knowledge. Horse riding games are being employed by many instructors to […]

Taking the Trauma Out of Tacking Up a Horse

By Linda James The mysteries of tacking take a while to get to grips with when you first start riding. Horse back riding lessons, where you get an already tacked up horse, don’t prepare you for the ‘real thing’, i.e. taking up your own horse, getting on the right equipment, getting everything in the right […]

Does Riding a Horse Make You Stiff and Achy When Youre Older?

By Linda James Riding a horse at any age takes a lot of energy. When you return to riding or learn to ride when you are older, believe me, it can hurt! Getting off that horse is in itself a major feat, involving a jump some distance from the ground – not good for ankles. […]

Horse Health A Few Important Things to Learn and Remember!

By Sturat Mitchel There are some basics that every owner must know about horse health to ensure your horse’s well-being. You must evaluate your horse regularly to ensure disease is not present and provide proper horse care and maintenance. It is highly recommended that all horses be wormed on regular schedule, at a minimum of […]