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Red Eared Terrapins

By Terry Smyth Red Eared Terrapins are reptiles and are also known as red-eared sliders and red eared Turtles. They originated in the Southern USA but are now found all over the world both in the wild and in captivity as a result of their popularity as pets. They can grow to up to 30 […]

Meeting the Whole Family of Pond Turtles

By Alfred Maginnis There are two classifications of pond turtles in the world. The first subspecies of pond turtles is the Emydidae. The Emydidae species are the biggest family of turtles. It has 40 species and 12 genera. Their family members are widely distributed in North America, Northern South America and Europe. They are usually […]

Spitting Cobras

By Owen Jones The spitting cobra is one of the most peculiar species of snake as it not only has a deadly bite but it also sprays venom into the eyes of prey and aggressors alike. Contact with the eyes can be very painful and even blinding, therefore, if you accidentally get cobra snake venom […]

Pet Turtle Care 3 Things You Must Do When Setting Up a Pet Turtles Home

By Greg Benjamin If you plan to acquire a turtle as a pet you are sure to be pleased with this new addition to your household. Just remember turtles are the kind of pets you spend most of your time watching and not handling. These animals do need some special attention and you should learn […]

How to Take Care of an Iguana

By Francis Murphy An iguana is a great pet; it’s quiet and doesn’t leave big messes to be cleaned up like a dog would! Even so, there are some things about iguana care a would-be iguana owner should know before getting one. A proper housing is needed. A cardboard box absolutely does not constitute iguana […]

Iguana Ownership 101

By Francis Murphy An iguana pet sounds cool, but caring for an iguana is very different from taking care of a dog, cat or hamster. Any person who’s thinking of owning this pet should have some knowledge of an iguana’s requirements for it to lead a good life. They are tropical animals accustomed to a […]

Putting a Roof Over Your Iguanas Head

By Francis Murphy So, you have decided you want an iguana as a pet, but do you know what it entails to house a reptile that can sometimes be moody and aggressive? You will find that you need to prepare a lot of space for it. It is possible that housing an iguana will cost […]

Heating For Your Iguana

By D Swain Iguanas are ectothermic, which means that they can’t make their own body heat. That’s why it’s so important that you provide them with proper heating. Their immune system will suffer and they won’t be able to digest their food properly if you don’t. Like all reptiles, iguanas have a mechanism called thermoregulation. […]

Iguana Food Newbies Guide to Feeding Iguanas

By D Swain One of the worst mistakes that iguana owners make is not feeding them properly. This will certainly lead to health problems in the future. You should know that iguanas are herbivores which means they only eat plants not meat. Here are a few things all owners need to know about feeding iguanas. […]

How to Replicate the Natural Snake Habitats

By Jessica Spinner Snakes are very easy pets to keep because they do not require daily exercise outside the cage. They will spend their entire life in the cage quite happily, which is why you should to make the cage as close to the natural snake habitat as possible. In order to so this, you […]