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Living With Cancer Through Poetry by Joree Williams

By Christina R. Jussaume This is a book review for a lovely collection of poetry by a very talented Poet. This is Joree William’s third poetry book and is very special in its spiritual value, emotional aspects, and its fine presentation. She is living with cancer and her poetry has become therapy to her. She […]

Waste Land A Thorough History of Humanity

By Mohammad-Mahdi Kashani Lotf-Abadi T. S. Eliot’s ‘The Waste Land’, a poem on the spiritual dryness and the kind of existence in which no regenerating belief gives significance, gives the reader a sense of familiarity to all the incidents in the poem, which is plying on the collective unconscious of the reader. While reading the […]

Poetry Book Review Find the Power

By Lance Winslow Have you ever considered the life of a cat? It’s a cool job being a house cat with exploring privileges outside. There is not much to do but enjoy life and cruise around as king of your domain. If you have ever watched a cat relax and sleep on the couch or […]

Shakespeares Women Breaking the Mold

By Rick Huffman While it would not be accurate to say that Shakespeare attempts to embody all of the characteristics of the ideal Renaissance woman in all of his female characters, it is certainly accurate to say that he introduces us to female characters who go against the grain of the Elizabethan notion of what […]

Poetry Language and Forms An Uplifting and Educational Journey For Relaxation of the Soul

By Joseph Spence, Sr. Tree Good is an excellent poetess who demonstrates her leadership in this arena through her book The Language of Poetry Forms. The book is divided into three areas as follows: The first starts with poetry idioms and meanings, the second covers poetry forms with examples, and the third ends with a […]

Nobel Prize For Literature and a Poetry Book For the Ages

By Lance Winslow Why is it that Russian writers are so good at their trade? Some say that living in the Soviet Union as a good communist in the past has been quite trying at times and thus, they believe that it is this level of adversity that drives the strong character, and wisdom that […]

Character Development or the Lack of It In Stephen Adly Guirgis Play Our Lady of 121st Street

By Griffin Thomas Stephen Adly Guirgis’ play, “Our Lady Of 121st Street”, is a marvelous theatrical construct of masterfully written dialogue, sparkling witticisms, and scenic brevity, but lacks substantive character development. The play opens at a funeral home with a compelling line, “What kinda fuckin’ world is this?!” (Guirgis 5) The body of Sister Rose […]