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Health Care Reform Bill Will Cover Illegals

By Steve Mustanski Everyone remembers President Obama declaring that public insurance options would not cover illegal immigrants and Rep Joe Wilson shouting “You lie!” There have also been numerous attempts by House and Senate Republicans to add amendments to the bills with specific language denying public finance insurance for illegal immigrants. All of those attempts […]

Political Problems After the Campaign of 1824

By Paul R Turner Following the political campaign for the presidency in 1824, new president John Quincy Adams marked a very difficult beginning to his administration. His credibility was damaged by the suggestion that the election had not been fairly won, and and Adams found it difficult to work with Congress. His Republican Party–which was […]

A Nation to Die For!

By Ed Howes You have been made to believe the government of the United States of America is what you serve to fulfil the commandment to love your neighbor and do your DUTY to God and country. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your parents will not tell you so. Your grandparents will not […]

Why Sarah Palins Leadership is Important For America

By Mark Bowser Sarah Palin’s tremendous popularity is a very interesting phenomenon. It is also a very important one for our country too. Why? Because of a number of important issues that need to be brought to the forefront. A Lack of Leadership: There is a leadership vacuum in Washington, D.C. today. Many Americans feel […]

Forty Days of Fire, Forty Days of Rain A Book Review

By Erin O’Riordan Remember the old bumper sticker that read, “Children are to be seen, and heard, and believed?” The theme of Forty Days of Fire, Forty Days of Rain by Douglas McDaniel could be described as, “The world is to be seen, and heard, and believed.” Forty Days is neither fish nor fowl, neither […]

Seeing the Government in Its Best Light Can Benefit Your Sense of Well Being

By Leon Cautillo Every country has one form of governing system in place and it is pretty much a consensus that agreed upon order is better than anarchy and chaos. But how you feel about your government is seen in general terms and since what government touches is so vast that reducing it to one […]

Bilderberg Group True Story

By Androq Mida The Bilderberg group is indeed the most powerful organization of the world. This is a group of influential people which includes mostly the top politicians and businessmen around the world. Bilderberg is not the official name of this group, the Bilderberg title came from the location where the first official meeting of […]

How Muhammad Ali Replaced Malcolm X and Ushered in a New Era For America

By Derek Lavelle Muhammad Ali looked to Malcolm X as his older spiritual brother. Ali began attending Muslim rallies and meetings after winning the Olympics in Rome in 1960, and after he won the coveted heavyweight boxing title in 1964. At that time Malcolm X was the most outspoken and famous Islam member in America. […]

Should the US Debt Be Forgiven? I Believe So and Heres Why

By Serrgio Wilson Having a lot of debt is something I was always taught as a child to try and stay away from. I was often told when you have a lot of debt you can’t do anything because your strapped to your creditors. Sometimes I think somebody needs to tell the US government that […]

No Guarantee of Big Gains For the GOP in 2010

By Carey Masci Word is already circulating that there will be big gains for the GOP in 2010, not so fast. While its true a large majority of Americans are disillusioned with President Obama’s broken promises, big government policies, trillions of dollars of debt and the fact that America is not ready for socialism this […]