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Psychological Knowledge Based on New Discoveries The Content of the Human Mind

By Christina Sponias You indispensably need psychological knowledge, even if you have never had psychological problems. You need to understand how other people judge reality and why they react the way they do, so that you may: – Discover your perfect mate – Get rid of bad relationships – Have protection against mentally ill people […]

Book Review Next Stop, Reloville By Peter T Kilborn

By Cathy Goodwin Relocation always brings challenges and Peter Kilborn writes a journalistic account of a special segment of people who move: families who are required to move in order to keep their jobs or maintain career growth. They earn high incomes by most standards – $100,000 – $400,000 – and their companies move them […]

What is Intelligence? The Three Main Theories of Intelligence Two Good, One Bad

By Mark Ashton Smith When people talk about a person’s ‘intelligence’ it is not generally clear what underlying ability or abilities this term refers to. This article is intended to clarify in layman’s terms what psychologists and brain scientists can mean by intelligence. Basically, there are two good theories–and scientists are divided on which is […]

What Happens in the 25 Years After 50?

By Kathleen Daniel In reviewing studies on midlife recently, I was struck by the assumption that learning ends in our 20s.  In fact, while childhood, adolescence and old age have been extensively studied, the entire span of adulthood has remained unexplored.  I’m happy to say that, at least for the stage between 50 and 75, […]

Was Lombroso Only a Product of His Own Time?

By Shanaz A L Cesare Lombroso or Ezechia Marco Lombroso was born on November, 6th 1836 in Verona, into a family of a wealthy Jewish. His search for knowledge was done in Italy solely where he studied in universities of Padua, Vienna and Paris from 1862 to 1876. In 1876, Lombroso was appointed as the […]

How to Acquire a Psychology Degree

By Esther Wangui Muhia A psychologist is trained to work with with people and are able to interact and cope well. This means that holders of a psychology degree can work in fields as top and mid level managers, executives and administrators. In this positions they are able to link the company and other employees […]

Role of Psychology in Daily Life

By Aron Joshua Psychology is a very broad subject which purely deals with human behavior, thoughts, reasoning and perceptions. It is very interesting for people who are always eager to work more for improving their existence. Besides finding a respected job, you can use psychology in several matters that constitute your everyday life, most important […]

Hyper Self Reliance Cant Be All That Bad

By Lance Winslow Psychological Researchers seem to indicate that those parents who miss handle their infants can cause a wide variety of developmental issues, even problems with the way their brains form. At least Dr. Allen P. Schore seems to show in his research, which granted is pretty convincing. Still, the psychological researchers go one […]

Digging Into DiSC History

By Pat Muccigrosso The History Behind the DISC® Model The most recent iteration of the behavioral styles concept is DiSC but the theory currently underpinning DiSC dates back to 1928. That was the year that William Molton Marston wrote a book called The Emotions of Normal People. In his book, Dr. Marston proposed a system […]

Trauma 101 What Parents Need to Know

By Regalena Melrose Parents of children with so-called ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, learning disabilities anxiety disorders, even Pervasive Developmental Disorder need to know what trauma is for children and that the effects of trauma can be healed. Most times I interview parents they tell me their child has never experienced a trauma. Yet when I ask […]