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A Book Reviewers Best Friend The Synonym Finder

By Gail Pruszkowski Words, words and more words – these are the all important tools of the trade for any writer. Sometimes the joy of stringing them together into something eloquent is indescribable. You know exactly what you want to impart to the reader but you’re stuck for the right word to convey the meaning. […]

Understanding Surgery By Doctor Joel Berman Presents Medical Info for Families!

By Glenda Bixler I highly recommend Dr. Joel Berman’s Understanding Surgery for your home medical reference bookshelf! I was pleased to be asked to review the 2008 second printing of this major effort, and found that, just as the title says, it is A Comprehensive Guide for Every Family! One thing I want to quickly […]

Historical Dictionary of Hong Kong Cinema

By Leslie Halpern Filmmakers and film fans interested in more than a century of Hong Kong cinema can find what they’re looking for in this new reference book. Stokes, a humanities and film professor who also wrote “City on Fire: Hong Kong Cinema,” includes enough background information to educate newcomers, while also adding plenty of […]