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Succubus Takes Manhattan by Nina Harper

By Gail Pruszkowski “Succubus Takes Manhattan” by Nina Harper picks up where “Succubus in the City” left off. Although I enjoyed this book more than the first, I suggest you read them both to get a better picture of the world Harper created.  Lily has a great life in New York where her day job […]

Sword of the Deceiver A Novel of Isavalta by Sarah Zettel

By Gail Pruszkowski Sarah Zettel returns to the magical world of Isvalta with a satisfying conclusion. Sword of the Deceiver is the fourth book of the series. She sets the scene beautifully and serves up an elaborate visual feast with a blend of Indian, Chinese and Russian folklore. Strongly motivated and compelling characters drive a […]

Books of Blood Volume Three by Clive Barker

By Gail Pruszkowski Clive Barker’s “Books of Blood Volume Three” offers five more stories of sex, violence and murder. The author pushes the envelope on dark horror and takes readers to a realm where pain and bloody death prevail. Prepare to be terrified. “Son of Celluloid” has an unusual premise that fascinated me. It is […]

Books of Blood Volume Two by Clive Barker

By Gail Pruszkowski Here are five more short stories of horror and intrigue by a writer who knows how to raise goose bumps on your flesh. In “Books of Blood Volume Two” Clive Barker proves he can tell a chilling tale. These stories don’t quite measure up to those in Volume One, but they’re still […]

Time Travel Science Fiction Stories

By Sean OBrien Time travel has mystified people for generations. Mark Twain wrote about it, science fiction stories abound. Real physicists are either dismissive, ambivalent, or supportive of the possibility. Time travel stories account for some great science fiction movies including Time Cop, The Time Machine, Primer, and A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur’s court. […]

Despereaux Book Review

By Lillian Brummet This excellent fiction fantasy if full of light fun, animals and moments that bring understanding to another’s feelings. The writing style the author employs creates a story that is perfect for orating and literacy groups of young readers. This animal adventure story about an adorable, abnormally small young mouse with very large […]

Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris (Book 4 in the Southern Vampire Mysteries Series)

By Patricia Altner After her shift at Merlotte’s on New Year’s Eve, Sookie drives down the dark, lonely roads of Bon Temp, LA on her way home. She is surprised to see a man wearing only jeans running as if in fear for his life. She is even more surprised when she recognizes him. It […]