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The Science of Getting Rich A Book Review

By Dana Carmichael The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles was written nearly 100 years ago and to this day, presents an excellent blueprint for getting rich. It doesn’t matter where you are from, how much education you have or whether you have money, if you can keep a clear vision of what you […]

The Attractor Factor 5 Easy Steps For Creating Wealth From the Inside Out Book Review

By Michael Hogan The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale is a guide for working with the law of attraction to create wealth or anything else for that matter. The author takes the reader through 5 main steps with stories as examples for each step and exercises to apply the knowledge. Vitale goes through each step, […]

Book Review on The Collective Speaks

By Lance Winslow When we read inspirational books, they grab a hold of us, and make us think, or they just seem like a bunch of quotes, cliches, and motivational regurgitation. I’ve always enjoyed reading inspirational books that give you a plan, a list of tips, or techniques to help you become a better person. […]

Mindset The Holy Grail Of Resource Material

By Mark Welton The brutal truth is that if you have a poor or negative mental attitude you will not create a substantial and profitable business, partly because people will not be attracted to you and partly because you will give up as soon as the going gets tough! However, the right mindset is not […]

Awesome Book For Job Interviewing Its Right on Point

By Joseph Spence, Sr. This is a very dynamic and informative book about job interviewing. It contains a lot of useful tips for individuals seeking jobs. One could say it also has several tricks included because it gets on the inside of the interviewer and provides information to the interviewee regarding how to overcome hurdles […]

The Message of a Master

By Michael Dan Well I’m definitely crazy about this book. Well most of you will be wondering what is inside this peculiar book with a title that have been kept silence in the world of metaphysics and self development. To say it simple read it and you will know why I’m passionate about spreading this […]

Positive Charges 544 Ways to Stay Upbeat During Downbeat Times by Alexander Lockhart

By Alain Burrese “Positive Charges: 544 Ways To Stay Upbeat During Downbeat Times” by Alexander Lockhart is an inspirational little gem of a book. While I was not familiar with Lockhart, I did recognize the authors who endorsed this little book on both the front and back covers, which were Og Mandino, Brian Tracy, and […]

Never Give Up is the Theme of This Book A Book Review on Perseverance

By Lance Winslow Sometimes life can be rough for folks during a recession, and the “not knowing” can often become extremely stressful. And it has often been said that tough times, do not last, but luckily tough people do. Perhaps, then the best advice is to learn from the tough souls who made it through […]

Why You Should Buy Everyone You Know a Copy of the Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude

By Joi Sigers I am a huge lover of books. Huge. I have surrounded myself with bookshelves filled with fiction, non-fiction, historical biographies, autobiographies, quotes, National Geographic Magazines, old text books, and so on. I leave no genre untouched and no genre leaves me untouched. One of my favorite books to return to again and […]

Just Who Will You Be by Maria Shriver is a Very Special Little Book

By Joi Sigers The next time you find yourself wondering what to get for a special person in your life – whether it’s a gift for a special occasion or you just want to do something special for them – I have a perfect suggestion. A book makes an amazing gift simply because of the […]