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God Still Speaks by John Eckhardt

By Richard R Blake How to Experience the Role and Function of the Prophetic Revelation in Your Life Recognized as a prophetic authority, Pastor John Eckhardt blends stories from the scriptures to establish a sound foundational teaching to describe the prophetic culture and how it can be understand and implemented in the local church to […]

The Gospel According to Mortimer Jerome Adler

By Paul Landis Mortimer Jerome Adler, 1902 – 2001, loved books and thinking about their ideas so totally that he did not graduate from Columbia University with an undergraduate degree because he failed to meet the physical education requirements. However, he stayed there until they granted him a Ph.D. and had him teaching courses in […]

In the Footsteps of Paul by Ken Duncan

By Richard R Blake “In the Footsteps of Paul” is a photo-journal presentation of the life of the Apostle Paul as written by his traveling companion, Luke. Selected passages taken directly from the book of Acts follow Paul’s life chronologically. The story of Paul’s conversion, his call to ministry, and the diverse trials he encountered […]

When Heaven Invades Earth Miracles Galore After I Read This

By JT Thomas I would like to endorse Bill Johnson’s book called “When Heaven Invades Earth”. It is a timely message for our generation. It reveals the ways of the Kingdom of God and the availability of God’s power in the ‘now’. “When Heaven Invades Earth” is not just another book full of information. It […]

Finding Divine Inspiration by J Scott McElroy

By Richard R Blake Collaboration With the Holy Spirit in the Creative Arts “Finding Divine Inspiration” is written with the intent of helping creative artists develop a foundation that will allow them to incorporate “listening ears, an obedient heart, a pure mind, and an expectant desire to work in partnership with the Creator of the […]

Making a Shofar

By Eitan Yariv A Shofar is Jewish musical instrument, similar to a trumpet, and is generally used in religious ceremonies and on important days like Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah. The Shofar has been in use for many millennia and has been mentioned in the Bible for over 80 times. Making a Shofar requires in-depth […]

Book Review A New Kind of Conservative by Dr Joel C Hunter

By Ronald Standerfer My first thought when I picked up Dr. Hunter’s book, A New Kind of Conservative, was, Here we go again; another ultra-right wing, evangelical preacher on his soap box, ranting and railing against the sins of our society and the failures of our secular government. But I soon realized that he is […]

Learning to Create the Life of Your Dreams With BEing the Titus Concept, by Al Diaz

By Pete Koerner The world is full of self-help books that tell us we need help, and where we’ve messed-up our lives, and what we should do to fix them; but “BEing The Titus Concept,” by Al Diaz, isn’t another one of those. Having read hundreds of self-help and personal development books, I came to […]