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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Travel Books

By Vincent Norman Are travel books necessary, or is it practical to get the information they contain from other sources? As with any other type of publication, travel books have their benefits and drawbacks. It’s advisable to consider both when deciding whether to purchase them. Travel Book Advantages Whether you prefer paperback or e-book versions, […]

Find Lowest Airline Fares With My Airfare Secrets

By Terrie Bryan If you love to travel, there is an e-book penned by a fired travel agent that can save you a ton of money. Wondering where to get the lowest airline fares? My Airfare Secrets has a wealth of information to save you money on your family vacations or spur-of-the-moment weekend getaways. When […]

From Global Trekker To Extreme Adventurer

By O. Vladi (SEATTLE, WA)- Extreme adventures are activities that are perceived as having a high level of danger or difficulty, involving one or more of the following: speed, height, specialized gear or extending beyond the common level of physical exertion. Such activities include skydiving, climbing mountains, swimming with sharks and trekking across frozen tundra […]

Fodors 1,001 Smart Travel Tips 2nd Edition A Book Review

By Joy Cagil The second edition of Fodor’s 1001 Smart Travel Tips, which went on sale in April, 2008, is a book I wished I had many years ago because it has almost every tip in it that I learned through trial and error. Still, since things changed over the years, I needed more information, […]

Northern California is Beautiful All Year Around

By Lance Winslow The California Coastline is magnificent from Santa Barbara to Crescent City at the Oregon Border below the giant redwood trees. From San Luis Obispo through Big Sur towards Santa Cruz is some of the most scenic landscape in all the world. And there are plenty of excellent bed and breakfast places to […]

Treasure Maps

By Peter Bankss Is there anything more exciting than a treasure map? The thought of being led to riches is very appealing to many. But wait… there are some very important points to consider before you head off in search of your treasure. First, you will need to validate the legitimacy of the map. If […]