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Diet Books Review of Top Diet Books

By Benni Jenyfari The weight loss industry is one of the biggest money making industries around and for very good reason – over 70% of Americans are now overweight. This means just about every man and his dog is trying to make their way into the industry by promoting the next greatest diet book to […]

Weight Loss Cure Or HCG Diet Is it the Answer?

By Janet Sweeney The Weight Loss Cure, also called The Hcg Diet, Has been made popular by Kevin Trudeau on TV and with his recent book. Do you wonder if it is for you? So, what is Hcg? It is the abbreviation for the hormone women produce in pregnancy. Sometimes it is taken for fertility […]

Turbulence Training Book Review

By Jide Chen Turbulence Training is a program that allows you to reach your ideal image fast and easy, and the best part is that it does it by providing you with the advice and techniques that have been proven to work for countless individuals. The main website immediately throws you into the realm of […]

UltraSimple Diet Review and Book Information

By Kim Cooper The UltraSimple Diet is a diet book written by Mark Hyman, M.D. It was published in March of 2007. The author has also written a New York Times bestseller titled “UltraMetabolism.” The UltraSimple Diet is a simple but accelerated 7-day weight loss plan for losing weight safely and quickly. The primary attraction […]

How to Burn Fat by Exercising Less

By Austin Odeon It is quite true that exercises is able to help you lose weight.But then, there are certain kind of exercises you have to do in order to target the right muscle in your body if you must burn fat fast. For example, some people delight in simple gymnastics exercise in order to […]

How to Lose Weight in a Week 1

By Michelle Philips Without doubt a lot of overweight people are looking for the best weight loss program to lose weight in a week. Simply because they want to see results quickly and effectively and lose weight in a week. A diet for weight loss is called fat loss 4 idiots. You will fall in […]

Flat Belly Diet You Owe it to Your Health

By Gloria Goeke Have you heard about the amazing Flat Belly Diet yet? If not you really need to check it out. Go right now to Amazon and order it. Yeah I know it has a funny name and may even sound like just another in a long line of fads, but believe me it […]

3 Ways to Lose Holiday Weight

By Richard Porter I have been on a weight loss program for quite some time but one of the reasons why it has been such a difficult road for me is because I would always end up adding several extra pounds during the holidays! In essence whatever weight I would lose during the whole year […]