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Reflections From Reading Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler

By Mary Potts I took months to read Sacred Pleasure by Riane Eisler, trying to absorb as much of its richness as possible. Sacred Pleasure is really a continuation of Dr. Eisler’s, The Chalice and The Blade. It is an in-depth analysis of historical gender relations in intimate relationships and sexuality. It isn’t just about […]

How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby Product Overview

By Faith Clark How to Choose the Gender of Your Baby is an ebook available for instant download in PDF format. It was written by Ashley Spencer who has consulted with many couples on the subject and has a 94% success rate. There is nothing more important in your life than having a child. I […]

What Would You Do If You Ran the World? By Shelly Rachanow

By Joy Cagil Sometimes a small book can prove to be more enriching than hefty volumes. What Would You Do If You Ran The World? By Shelly Rachanow is such a book. It inspires, encourages, and urges women to take action to do better by themselves, by their loved ones, by their community, and by […]

This One is For Women Only Says the Authors

By Lance Winslow As a man do you ever wonder what it is like for your significant other to be the woman that they are? And you women do you really want to know yourself better and enjoy all there is to being a woman? If so, boy have I got the perfect book for […]

You Dont Want To Miss Reading This Proverbial Wake Up Call!

By Cheryl Ellis Genre: Personal Growth Title: The Woman’s Field Guide to Exceptional Living Author: Corrie Woods You will learn how to recognize the special moments, otherwise missed, to be tucked away but remembered as milestones. Uncover the magnitude of gratitude, a heartfelt emotion of thankfulness and appreciation but most importantly a reminder that you […]

Eat, Drink And Be Gorgeous

By Dorothy Lafrinere About the Author: Esther Blum is a Registered Dietitian and Holistic Nutritionist practicing in New York City. In her years of practice, Esther has helped show countless women how to put the fun back in eating, be a tigress in bed, eat and drink like a food fashionista, choose the right vitamins, […]

Unweaving the Thread of an Irish Childhood

By Kay Green I first met Monica Tracey at a poetry reading at Hastings Writers’ Group and, thoroughly enjoying the soft musicality of her Irish voice, I had the cheek to ask her to read my effort out for me. It paid off – never has one of my amateur attempts at poetry sounded so […]

Review of How to Find the Man of Your Dreams by Bob Grant LPC, The Relationship Doctor

By John Garret Let me just start off what Bob Grant said about his latest book in this review… “You can find the man of your dreams and get a marriage proposal within 6-12 months or less.” OK! I have to tell you right off the bat that I am pretty skeptical of big claims […]

Women Who Are Happy at Work Are You One of Them?

By Allison Frederick As I watch the summer 2008 Olympics, I wonder why in the world I never considered beach volley ball to be a career option for me. I watch those women and wonder if they fret on Sunday afternoon, dreading the return to work on Monday morning and I doubt it. Why was […]

You Wouldnt Understand Its a Chick Thing

By Lance Winslow Have you ever heard the saying; “it’s a chick thing?” Sure you have and do you recall in what context that quote has been used during your life? Let’s face it, something are just plain; Chick Things. You know like romance novels and chick-flicks. If you have to ask, you don’t understand […]