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Skin Cancer Prevention Through Nutrition

By Marcella Carlton Skin cancer has now been linked to deficiencies in the diet.  Carcinogens that are consumed can form cancer when they infiltrate cells and corrupt the DNA.  This causes the mutation of the DNA which converts the normal cells into malignant cells.  The way your body fights off these mutations is through boosting […]

Beautiful Skin Causes and Signs of Skin Cancer

By Margaret Leslie One of the most prevalent cases of cancer is skin cancer. In the US alone it is estimated that 1 million citizens are affected with this kind of disease. It is important that we are aware of how skin cancer develops and how it can be prevented to avoid its fatal consequences. […]

Turmeric and Skin Cancer Study Results Show it Could Help

By Peter Foremski When you read the data, most observers remark on the statistic that the number of people who succumb to this disease is growing. Of course it’s important to be reminded why but what about any new treatments? These days many more natural remedies are being sought for what ails us, which includes […]

Skin Cancer Understanding the Three Types of Skin Cancer

By James S. Pendergraft These days thousands of cases of skin cancer has been reported. Skin cancer is increasing day by day with the increasing rate. The skin cancer can be defined in three parts. All of these skin cancers are dangerous for humans. These three skin cancers are as follows: Melanoma- This is the […]

Skin Cancer Photos Serve As An Early Detection Tool

By Adam Hefner Detecting skin cancer in its earliest stages not only significantly increases the patient’s chance of making a full recovery, it can also save the patient from having to go through aggressive treatments which can have severe side effects. The key to early detection is in finding skin irregularities and recognizing them as […]

Using Skin Cancer Images As A Baseline For Skin Examination

By Adam Hefner If you know what early warning signs to look for, skin cancer can be detected at an early stage and cured without the use of aggressive treatments which cause severe side effects. Unlike other cancers, skin cancer’s earliest warning signs are openly visible on the skin. The advantage of early detection is […]

Melanoma Skin Cancer

By Manuel Wiggins Most people will have heard of Melanoma, and automatically link it with skin cancer. This though is often the limit of most people’s knowledge. Surprisingly enough it is one of the rarest forms of skin cancer but is also one of the most deadly forms. Melanoma comes about from an unwanted growth […]

What is a Precancerous Mole?

By Matt Petigrew Moles that need immediate attention but are not treated immediately can possibly lead to precancerous moles over time. To most of us who are not aware of the medical conditions and cases, we often ask, “What is a precancerous mole?” Precancerous moles are moles that are not yet classified as cancerous but […]